Dear Dearest,

(10 March 2000)

Q: Thanks Dearest.. what a great start.. having flunked a trial with Prempro miserably.. blood pressure after three weeks was up to 160/90.. I was interested to read the contents of my doctors next suggested experiment.. Combipatch.

Dearest: You're welcome, Martha. I thought it would be helpful for women to know exactly what each form of HRT is composed of. Again, I haven't done a final proof of it, so please don't pass the link around until I give the go ahead. I found some additional information in this month's Prevention Magazine. I'll leave it up on the Web while I make some changes, but won't ever add anything to the site itself until it's fully proofread.

As for having "flunked a trial with Prempro miserably," it might have been a blessing in disguise. First of all, it boggles the mind why any woman would want to use any of the Premarin family of hormones -- Premarin, Prempro and Premphase. Not only are the 1) conjugated estrogens made from horse urine (which would be enough for most women not to use it, but 2) ERT is known for raising blood pressure in many users and if that weren't enough, 3)conjugated estrogens have been associated with elevated triglyceride levels -- which, in turn, are associated with increased heart disease.

This is where I have the greatest problem understanding hormone therapy and why I've avoided using it, myself, plus the fact that I have a history of phlebitis (blood clots) years ago -- coincidentally, right after I stopped using birth control pills. Believe me, everything is connected, and having little knowledge about hormone therapy then, I never made the association. However, one of the things that hormone therapy is pushed for is to prevent heart disease. I have difficulty understanding how hormone therapy can prevent heart disease when I've heard tens of thousands of women in Power Surge say they developed high blood pressure and/or elevated cholesterol after using hormones.

Seeing as how it's those very two sets of circumstances -- hypertension and elevated cholesterol -- that hormones claim are targeted and eliminated, it makes no sense to me. How can something that so often *causes* a situation also *prevent* that situation? Does anyone see the point?

Let's not forget the Provera in Prempro, or the Provera women take with other forms of estrogen. Dr. John Lee, when he visited Power Surge, called Provera "poison." Dr. Vicki Hufnagel has published reports on how Provera causes elevated cholesterol. Imagine using both Provera and Premarin together?

In the mean time I am drinking the Revival and hoping it might do the trick so I can skip this sampling of HRT... my latest trick is to mix it in my blender and add four or so ice cubes in wiht the milk .. really tastes like a thick milk shake! I feel like Im cheating!! Martha.

I have a great old malted machine that makes frothy shakes, too. I'm going to try my next Revival shake with that. Thanks for reminding me :) As for Revival, itself, I only know what I've seen with my own eyes -- after 3 years of elevated cholesterol, it's normal now after 10 months of using Revival. I haven't had a hot flash in so long, I almost forgot what they feel like (I'm notcomplaining). I had such severe depression a year ago that I thought nothing would help and I preferred not using things like Prozac or Zoloft, although I did find some help with St. John's Wort. Since starting Revival, I haven't had any depression at all. I used to have to nap every day. I always felt tired. I have more energy than I know what to do with now. The positive effects are so numerous, but the general feeling of well being is sowonderful, I can't imagine going a day without it. I'm glad you're having success, too, as are so many other women.