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5/26/2003 Birdie Dr. Lamothe,

Why is it so hard to stay focused...

5/26/2003 Kit Dr. Lamothe,

I know I have an eating problem an...

5/26/2003 Marg Do you recommend organizations such as Weight Watc... View
5/26/2003 Ann I think Crunching is very satisfying. Isn't it oka... View
5/26/2003 Alice In your book, "The Taming of The Chew," you define... View
5/26/2003 Wordgirl My problem is that I want to eat in the evenings b... View
6/1/2003 yael I have gained 8 pounds and moved up 4 sizes in my ... View
6/7/2003 Meriem I am a desperate women seeking some advice from an... View
6/11/2003 Sally Dr. Lamothe, I know I have to lose weight but I ju... View
6/11/2003 Callie What are your thoughts on diets in general? It see... View
6/12/2003 Ellen I want into early menopause after chemo treatment ... View
6/12/2003 Adele Hi there, I had a total hysterectomy two years ag... View
6/13/2003 Kathy I am not overweight,my BMI is 24.4 so, I am not t... View
6/18/2003 Madelyn Re: Where and how to find a doctor who can be the... View
6/19/2003 Barbara Hi, I become very tired after eating legumes. Its... View
6/21/2003 Danielle Dear Dr. Lamothe, I work at a weight loss clinic a... View
6/28/2003 Susan I'm 49 yrs. Female. Gained 10-12 in past year. No ... View
7/2/2003 cindy I have a pear shaped body--extremely big hips. Wh... View
7/9/2003 sheila I have hosimoto thyroid disease, even with synthr... View
7/15/2003 Queen I am menopausal and crave so much after 4pm. I try... View
8/6/2003 deb I have been of the Atkins diet since March 3, 200... View
9/14/2003 Kami What is the best soy product for losing weight?... View
10/11/2003 lisa is chromium picolinate safe?and how much should y... View
10/18/2003 Catherine I'm 15 years old. I excercise often (karate clas... View
11/6/2003 Ellen I'm 46, had a TAH/BSO, and am on estrogen and get... View
11/13/2003 Deborah I am 45 and have been tested positive for menopau... View
1/3/2004 MICHAEL ... View
7/30/2004 Donna I am hearing a lot about cortisol blockers. I hav... View
7/30/2004 Christine 16 years ago, I was on Weight Watchers (WW) & lost... View
8/5/2004 Diane I havent had a period since May and this is Aug. ... View
8/13/2004 Peggy I am an active 59 years old that exercise 1-1/2 h... View
8/19/2004 Shanna I am a 35 year old female who is now in remission ... View
8/23/2004 Cheri I am currently taking .0625 Premarin. I had a fu... View
8/31/2004 Gail I am 48 years old and believe that I may be appro... View
10/6/2004 Donna I am 50 yrs young and have always had to watch my ... View
10/12/2004 Carolyn I'm 52 and in full blown menopause.A text book cas... View
10/17/2004 kim Hi Dr. Denise,i am 22 yrs old with a 12 yrs old l... View
10/27/2004 ronda I am gaining wt., what kind of herb can I take to... View
11/9/2004 David I am 54 years old, retired at 48 and have recover... View
11/30/2004 Tracy Hi, My question doesn't deal with weight issu... View