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9/26/2001 Archives Why do we get so depressed about turning 50? It's ... View
9/26/2001 Archives Is it normal to feel like you need a lot of time a... View
9/26/2001 Archives My family went into shock when I decided to start ... View
9/26/2001 Archives Why does it seem that at midlife our demons from t... View
9/26/2001 Archives I find that I have a lot of emotional issues now a... View
9/26/2001 Archives Do you find that middle aged women have difficulty... View
9/26/2001 Archives When you wrote your book, If Not Now, When? did yo... View
9/26/2001 Archives Is the inability to keep a lid on ourselves what y... View
9/26/2001 Archives What are these emotional feelings of rage and fear... View
9/26/2001 Archives I don't like it when my friends and family don't u... View
9/26/2001 Dearest Stephanie,

Over my years of running Power S...

11/6/2001 Mel I am 45 years old and just starting menopause. I a... View
11/7/2001 Anne I am 49 and perimenopausal. I have noticed lately... View
11/16/2001 Dee Do antidepressants help women going thru perimenop... View
11/16/2001 Bob My wife is going through menopause and she says th... View
12/1/2001 Nora I was fascinated to see a reference to "disappeari... View
12/18/2001 Minnie I went for years without alot of problems with anx... View
1/3/2002 DORIS I was wondering if your book is on audio tape. I l... View
1/8/2002 Cynthia I was recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder at ... View
1/9/2002 Kim I have recently just started having night sweats o... View
1/11/2002 Shirley I am 51 and am depressed (although being treated),... View
1/17/2002 Bill I realize that power-surge provides resources for ... View
1/18/2002 Schelly I feel great, other than the occasional symptoms o... View
1/20/2002 Lisa My hubby of 22 yrs. has been unhappy & hurt by my ... View
2/21/2002 Ashley Hi,

I am doing an article on women's role in dif...

3/6/2002 Minnie Hi Stephanie,

I am 51 and have tested in the men...

3/12/2002 abbey Why do I go through these thoughts of wanting anot... View
3/24/2002 Deb I've been a "mommy" all my life. I got married at ... View
4/9/2002 Steve My wife of 33 years, 5 adult kids and one oops ki... View
4/10/2002 Minnie I'm seeing a therapist, but not happy with the re... View
4/29/2002 Ann I am 37 years of age and I suspect that I may be g... View
5/23/2002 DiAnna Are extreme, rapid, emotional changes a common and... View
5/31/2002 Mark My wife and I have been married 22 years. At age... View
6/15/2002 Diedre I keep reading that menopause is a wonderful time ... View
6/15/2002 Susan Hi,

I am 44, and probably going through menapa...

7/19/2002 Deborah I think the hardest thing for me right now is visu... View
8/12/2002 Beka Help! My landlady & friend seems to be losing her ... View
8/16/2002 Cyndi My mother-in-law is in her 70's and has been on h... View
8/30/2002 Lorraine I was talking about menopause today to my domestic... View
9/13/2002 Patti Since I've entered perimenopause I have had episo... View
9/30/2002 Sue I wonder if my low moods lately are a result of pe... View
10/5/2002 Debi I could care less about sex anymore, but my friend... View
11/28/2002 chris i'm at my wits end my wife who is only 37 has sud... View
2/19/2003 shirley I know I am in the change. I still have all my fem... View
7/6/2003 Sylvia I am 62, and I retired two years ago from teaching... View