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9/22/2000 Is Revival, itself, being used in studies at insti... View
9/22/2000 Will soy lower our risk for breast cancer?... View
9/22/2000 Is your product safe for people who have diabetes?... View
9/22/2000 I have been taking Revival for several months, and... View
9/22/2000 Are the bars the same amount of soy and calories?... View
9/22/2000 SaraH Do doctors recommend Revival to their menopausal p... View
9/22/2000 Marilyn Do you ever plan to sell through health food store... View
9/22/2000 Barbra Can consumption of soy protein affect sleep? Any b... View
9/22/2000 I had full hysterectomy, on Premarin 2x day-still ... View
9/22/2000 Carolyn I Drank one glass of the Soy drink and it suppres... View
9/22/2000 I'm DES exposed and have severe menopause symptoms... View
9/22/2000 What are the benefits of Revival on prostate cance... View
9/22/2000 Are the bars equal to the shakes in terms of the a... View
9/22/2000 I'm on the automatic shipment plan. Can I add bar... View
9/22/2000 If you're on "natural" tri-est, how would Revival ... View
9/22/2000 Why Revival and not a soy pill or two every day?... View
9/22/2000 Is it unusual to have hot flashes when waking up e... View
9/22/2000 Leslie I am hypoglycemic, and have a difficult time with ... View
9/22/2000 My wife, Carol, is 44 years old and has started ex... View
9/22/2000 Does Revival help in prevention of Alzheimers?... View
9/22/2000 I was using Revival for about 2 months, prior to t... View
9/22/2000 I often experience PMS symptoms right after my per... View
9/22/2000 Sleepless nights I've been drining Revival for a c... View
9/22/2000 I have been on estrogen and progesterone (HRT) for... View
9/22/2000 I am currently on a 1500 calorie/day diet. What ar... View
9/22/2000 Dr.Tabor, I've gotten a little discouraged in my u... View
9/22/2000 I have experienced rapid an ongoing hair loss from... View
9/22/2000 I have experienced rapid and ongoing hair loss fro... View
9/22/2000 You mentioned "drastic dietary changes". Does Revi... View
9/22/2000 Are there any health problems that would prevent s... View
9/22/2000 Some women think "bloating" indicates an allergy t... View
9/22/2000 Dr. Tabor, is it overkill to use tofu and flaxseed... View
9/22/2000 Could soy consumption have any effect on coumadin ... View
9/22/2000 For hot flashes, should you take half in a.m. and ... View
9/22/2000 Is soy good for children also?... View
9/22/2000 Dr. Tabor, what are your recommendations regardin... View
9/22/2000 Do you recommend a soy "regimen" right through pos... View
9/22/2000 Are phytoestrogens able to mimic the estrogens our... View
9/22/2000 Would it help raise HDL (good cholesterol)?... View
9/22/2000 Does Tofu or soy milk provide anything different t... View
9/22/2000 If higher levels of phytoestrogens have such benef... View
9/22/2000 Dr. Tabor, how long would it take a woman to reduc... View
9/22/2000 What research is being done on soy at the present ... View
9/22/2000 How many classes or types of phytoestrogens are th... View
9/22/2000 I have been on HRT for about 5 months now, rarely ... View
9/22/2000 I have been on estrogen and progesterone (HRT) for... View
9/22/2000 I am currently on a 1500 calorie/day diet. What ar... View
9/22/2000 I've gotten a little discouraged in my use of Revi... View
9/22/2000 Dr. Tabor, is the amount of Revival recommended fo... View
9/22/2000 Is Revival recommended for a woman on Tamoxifen? (... View
9/22/2000 Do you think it might be possible to go off anti-d... View
9/22/2000 It sounds like Soy Revival will help calm down ent... View
9/22/2000 I am postmenopausal and I love Revival. Would it ... View
9/25/2000 Pauline Hi. I've just spent a dismal hour at my HMO. I j... View
9/25/2000 malbert I have used soy capsules and found that I develope... View
9/25/2000 Mary Where and how do you get Revival?... View
9/25/2000 Gay If someone is currently on hormone replacement the... View
9/28/2000 I do not understand why women are being tortured b... View
10/2/2000 Barbara I just discovered I'm in perimenopause. Two weeks ... View
10/2/2000 Lori I am 39 and have been surgically menopausal for 7 ... View
10/2/2000 Kathie I have been on Revival for about 35 days and have ... View
10/2/2000 Kathy I am 46 and experiencing night sweats, depression ... View
10/2/2000 Susan My periods have always been around 25 days. The l... View
10/2/2000 Sheila I have heard that you should not eat soy or soy pr... View
10/2/2000 Pat I am in the process of starting natural hormone th... View
10/11/2000 Susan I started taking soy just 5 weeks ago. After takin... View
10/12/2000 Sylvia There is a website that has some rather disturbing... View
10/16/2000 Cjhristine Dear Dr. Tabor,I am very impressed with all the in... View
10/17/2000 Nancy I am enrolled in the Hopkins Revival/menopasual s... View
10/20/2000 Nancy The following is quoted from "More" magazine Sept.... View
10/20/2000 leoma I have come across Revival while searching for hel... View
10/21/2000 christine Im 43 and I lost my one ovarie 4 years ago and now... View
10/24/2000 Susan My main concern is the extreme mood swings I have ... View
10/25/2000 Susan I have read that soy is not good for people with T... View
10/29/2000 Scamp The first few months of taking Revival was great. ... View
10/31/2000 Melvenia If your product is so great, why are most gyn's st... View
11/1/2000 Nancy Dr. Tabor,

I ask for your comments re: an ar...

11/6/2000 Susan What's so special about Revival? Will any soy prot... View
11/8/2000 cate Im 34, just had a complete hysterectomy due to end... View
11/10/2000 Fran I've had PMS for 10 years. Four years ago I found ... View
11/13/2000 Peg After reviewing the information on the Power Surge... View
11/14/2000 Diane Can I purchase Soy Revival in any pharmacy or do I... View
11/19/2000 sandi I had an abdominal hysterectomy earlier this year ... View
11/24/2000 Judy I am a two-year breast cancer survivor, age 56. I... View
11/29/2000 Berenice I live in Singapore. Can I buy Revival here? Also... View
11/29/2000 LindaBlue Help! I need answers...I have been taking my Reviv... View
12/9/2000 CK About 2 years ago, I had a month-long saliva hormo... View
12/10/2000 kathie I take 1 to 2 packages of Revival daily and also f... View
12/13/2000 CK Dear Dr. Tabor, Thank you for your quick response,... View
12/13/2000 Darlene Please explain to me what a 29 on the FSH test mea... View
12/17/2000 Michelle My father is 57 years old. Three years ago he was... View
1/13/2001 Michelle Does Revival increase your DHEA-s levels? Are the... View
1/15/2001 G I live in Ontario, Canada and so far can't find a ... View
1/15/2001 j What do you suggest for the major bloating i have ... View
1/17/2001 Martha I am interested in the product but would like to s... View
1/19/2001 Gracie I've been on Revival since October 2000... my depr... View
1/22/2001 Patty I had my first "wake up about an hour after fallin... View
1/24/2001 Sandra I would like some information about hair loss or t... View
1/25/2001 Jean Why is there a disclaimer on the coffee that reads... View
1/30/2001 olga Hi, I am 42 with a complete hyterectomy. It been a... View
2/4/2001 Ann I have tried revival and cannot stand the taste of... View
2/15/2001 Liz I've been having heart palpitations that wake me o... View
2/15/2001 Anita Can you purchase Revival in Canada?... View
2/19/2001 Sheryl I take 150mg of Wellbutrin, 10mg of Lotensin, 50mg... View
2/22/2001 wanda Is it okay to take soy 50 mg non-GMO Soy isoflavon... View
2/24/2001 sue I have osteoporosis. Will Soy help this condition... View
3/18/2001 Cindi My doctor told me that soy maybe bad for me. I ha... View
3/18/2001 Jill My face has suddenly become fuzzier. Is this relat... View
3/22/2001 Shari I follow a mainly vegetarian diet. Is soy protein ... View
3/24/2001 elli Can I use soy isoflavones and natural progesterone... View
3/27/2001 Debbie Since Revival doesn't actually raise estrogen l... View
3/30/2001 Marnelle Dear Dr. Tabor. I have Hyperlipidemia. I had an MI... View
4/1/2001 Jeanne I had a hysterectomy with ovaries removed in 1998.... View
4/3/2001 bonnie Please advise if Revival should be used at perimen... View
4/4/2001 Lianne I am a 29 year woman wondering if revival could al... View
4/6/2001 Melody DEAR DR. TABOR: I AM 44 YRS. OLD, HAD A COMPLETE H... View
4/6/2001 BARBARA Where can I get Revival and how expensive is it?... View
4/8/2001 Susan Dr. Tabor: I have been on Revival for about 7 mon... View
4/10/2001 Kay Hello, I am a 45 year old female, and I have stopp... View
4/12/2001 Suzanne I am 55 have had no peroidfor over a year. I have ... View
4/13/2001 Linda I mix my unsweetened chocolate drink mix with vani... View
4/18/2001 Kathy I had a hysterectomy in 1988, leaving the ovaries.... View
4/20/2001 Helen I have to take synthroid for an underactive thyroi... View
4/20/2001 Laurie I'm 48, had early breast cancer and am taking tamo... View
4/24/2001 Laura After reading about Revival it sounds too good ... View
4/25/2001 Rebecca I take synthroid for hypo-thyroidism can I take... View
4/27/2001 sharyn I want to buy Revival and I am in the United Kingd... View
4/30/2001 ann I have the worst hot flashes, 24/7. I have been ta... View
4/30/2001 Sandy I have had a complete hysterectomy a couple of yea... View
5/3/2001 Leslie If I eat meat on a daily basis, will I be getting ... View
5/4/2001 sydski I have a difficult time digesting any type of soy.... View
5/5/2001 Linda I have read your article on Revival and how it wor... View
5/8/2001 Carla I take Synthyroid, .01 mg daily for hypothyroidism... View
5/9/2001 Kris My 1st order should be hereany day. I have been ta... View
5/10/2001 Susan I have MS (multiple sclerosis) taking daily inject... View
5/11/2001 F. I have ovarian cysts. Is there any evidence that ... View
5/12/2001 I keep reading that the soy drinks are suppose... View
5/12/2001 elizabeth I have been treated recently for fibroids which ma... View
5/17/2001 Joyce I am in surgical menopause and have not been able... View
5/18/2001 ROBIN Does soy give you gas if you use regular mike vers... View
5/24/2001 Bernie How often do you take the liquid? ... View
5/26/2001 karen Dr. Tabor, is this product safe for breastfeeding ... View
6/1/2001 kay Please send me a list of the essential amino acids... View
6/5/2001 Marie I was diagnosed last year with breast cancer, did ... View
6/7/2001 Carol If I am already on estrogen should I continue it w... View
6/12/2001 Christine Dear Dr. Tabor: I'm 48 years old, going through a... View
6/13/2001 Brenda Dear Sir, first let me say that I completely trust... View
6/15/2001 Susan I have a couple of questions about your product. ... View
6/15/2001 marcia Hi doc,
I am a 47 year old african american...
6/23/2001 Pat I have had a total historectomy and I am 66 years ... View
6/25/2001 Gwen Revival friends: I've been drinking one shake dail... View
6/26/2001 Wanda For over 8 yrs. I have itched from head to toe - s... View
6/27/2001 Susanne Dear Dr. Tabor,
My question concerns weight los...
6/27/2001 sally Is Revival good for fibroids? Will it interact wit... View
6/27/2001 MESBAH I am a kidney patient and suffering very much. I a... View
6/29/2001 Barbara Two questions please. I am being treated for high ... View
7/2/2001 virtell I would like to know if you can purchase Revival s... View
7/5/2001 Imelda Hello! I stopped taking the hormones pills. I bou... View
7/5/2001 Diane Would drinking one half a Revival drink per day be... View
7/8/2001 Leon Do you have or are you going to have soy burgers, ... View
7/13/2001 Could you provide instructions to wean off Premari... View
7/23/2001 Charlene After breast cancer are there any safe soy product... View
7/31/2001 barbara Hi,i am 45 years old and have been in menopause 3-... View
8/13/2001 Sandra I am currently taking Premarin, my question is whe... View
8/16/2001 kathie My thyroid doctor just told me that I have excessi... View
8/17/2001 Shari I have been eating a Rivival Soy bar evert day f... View
8/18/2001 Lourdes When is the best time to take Revival in the morni... View
8/27/2001 Donna I am 50 and had breast cancer that was estrogen an... View
8/30/2001 Diana My grandson will be turning 9 this month. He weig... View
9/1/2001 Roseanna I have two questions. I am 48 years old and ha... View
9/2/2001 Joyce I have been drinking Revival Soy bid for about 1 m... View
9/5/2001 Craig I am doing research on Estratest and Premarin with... View
9/8/2001 Jill I am having a surgically induced menopause. Will R... View
9/9/2001 Sally Hi. I have been a customer for several months now ... View
9/9/2001 Elaine Presently, I am on a HRT. I am 39 and in memopause... View
9/19/2001 sue I have a cronic liver problem. Is it safe to use y... View
9/24/2001 Pam I am currently 46 years old and in perimenopause. ... View
10/2/2001 Pamela Dr. Tabor,

I'm soon to be 47 and have had p...

10/3/2001 amu Dear Dr. Aaron Tabor,

I am a cancer surv...

10/6/2001 Jane I wanted to taste your product before purchasing a... View
10/20/2001 Michele How much is too much soy? Dr. Andrew Weil recommen... View
10/20/2001 susan Dear Dr.: Has Soy been shown to have a beneficial... View
10/21/2001 DOMITA Hello! My goal is too lose weight, and I want to k... View
10/30/2001 Donna Dear Dr. Tabor:I had a bi-lateral salpingo oophere... View
11/1/2001 hilaria can children with weight problems over the age of ... View
11/1/2001 apip Can you take soy if you are currently taking Zolof... View
11/6/2001 Diane Hi Dr. Tabor,

I have been using Revival for...

11/8/2001 Cindy My father wants to take Osteo Biflex but worries a... View
11/18/2001 Cynthia Soy is in the news in a negatiave way. Too many is... View
11/18/2001 Bonnie Can Soy Revival be used by Diabetics? I refuse to ... View
11/20/2001 Maureen I have spent the better part of the last two days ... View
11/23/2001 Suzanne Please help me. I'm at the end of my rope. I am h... View
11/26/2001 MARTHA I am in my late forties and experiencing hot flush... View
11/29/2001 Ann I am only 36 and my doctor insists I am not nearin... View
11/29/2001 eva I am premenopausal and have been more nervous and ... View
11/30/2001 Justine Do you have any evidence that Soy might help men w... View
12/4/2001 laura I am on HRT. I am 45 . My daughter is a vegatarian... View
12/6/2001 penny Recently I was diagnosed with hypothyriodism. Mary... View
12/11/2001 Regina Would like information on Menopause Home Test. How... View
12/13/2001 Mary #1, I am in Menopause and #2, I do not want to ta... View
12/19/2001 Leslie I am taking Soy Preventive from GNC but I don't th... View
12/26/2001 Linda I have been taking Revival Soy since May of 2001 w... View
12/28/2001 Linda I heard two researchers for the FDA speak regardin... View
1/2/2002 Cyndi Dr Tabor, I am a 45 year old woman and for the las... View
1/6/2002 Pat I am lactose intolerant, will you product be a pro... View
1/6/2002 Ann I cannot take HRT - have tried just about all the ... View
1/6/2002 Suzie I have been taking Revival for about 3 weeks and f... View
1/7/2002 Judy I was told just this past week that my cholesterol... View
1/7/2002 Sue Dr Tabor. Have just read with great interest about... View
1/11/2002 jane I take synthroid and a blood pressure med, Lotrel.... View
1/14/2002 Tina Dr. Tabor: I recently started Revival drink mixes,... View
1/14/2002 Glenda Hi Dr.Tabor,I had a hysterectomy July 1996. I bega... View
1/16/2002 Brenda I started gaining weight 5 years ago andit took th... View
2/2/2002 Connie Is Soy okay to take if you have had Breast Cancer?... View
2/5/2002 Debbie I'm 48 and perimenopausal. I've just started suffe... View
2/20/2002 Carmen I am postmeno and hypo. Besides Revival, do you th... View
2/25/2002 Kelly I've thinking about starting soy but I'm not sure ... View
2/28/2002 June Hello, I have had a complete Hysterectomy about 5 ... View
3/4/2002 Ruthann I have been considering your product and have been... View
3/7/2002 Arlilne I was in the chat room on power surge and was told... View
3/13/2002 Alice I've been on product for 5 weeks. at first it real... View
3/26/2002 Ann I began taking Revival 1/2 pck on 3/16/02. I seeme... View
3/28/2002 Trish I already purchased a case of the Revivial Chocola... View
4/2/2002 janice I am currently taking a pill form of chemotherapy ... View
4/9/2002 Louise How can I find out what the price is?That is all ... View
4/11/2002 Sara I have had high blood pressure the past few weeks ... View
4/14/2002 anita I have recently watched your advertisment. I am i... View
4/20/2002 Sandy Is Revival beneficial for those of us who are per... View
4/23/2002 Diana I read this article from the and no... View
4/25/2002 hs Is the green powdery cotton like thing in the dri... View
4/26/2002 Betsy I have not had a period for over a year and have h... View
5/2/2002 jane I am on a blood thinner, Plavix. The doctors took ... View
5/4/2002 Carolyn Would you recommend soy products for someone who ... View
5/5/2002 sonia Dear Dr.Tabor mother has been diagnosis with brea... View
5/12/2002 Jan I am not in menopause, though I could be entering ... View
5/16/2002 BK Dr. David Zava disagrees with you and claims not t... View
5/20/2002 Lynne Tofu makes me very gas-y. Will Revivial do the sa... View
5/22/2002 Jeanie I have ordered Revival before. My question is some... View
5/23/2002 delvine I am considering purchasing revival. However, pl... View
6/3/2002 Regina I have been taking Revival for three weeks. I have... View
6/6/2002 v.madhu I am a breast cancer survivor.48 years old.Going t... View
6/12/2002 Carol What are the recommended products for hot flash s... View
6/17/2002 Sally If using low dose (0.025)estradiol patch would inc... View
7/2/2002 CHERYL I am 43 yrs old suffering from severe Endomteriosi... View
7/12/2002 Judy After 6 months of hell when my Dr. switched me to... View
7/16/2002 Diane Given the alarming news from the NIH's hormone stu... View
7/17/2002 Cindy What is the difference between adding your Soy po... View
7/17/2002 Margie My breasts have become flabby and heavy since star... View
7/18/2002 Claire Where can I buy this product in the UK and is it ... View
7/18/2002 Mary I do not understand why HRT is bad for menopausal... View
7/19/2002 susan I have heavy bleeding at times. I have been told t... View
7/20/2002 Judy Hi. I just wanted to ask you if by taking soy by p... View
7/23/2002 ann Dear Doctor,I am most concerned over having been ... View
7/30/2002 Leslie Do you recommend Revival over natural estrogen the... View
8/1/2002 Debbie Dear Dr. Tabor, I would like to know if my Doctor ... View
8/3/2002 carol I'm on Prempro, 0.625mg/5mg,and am still having ho... View
8/4/2002 Larry Hello Dr. Tabor, My wife and I heard your broadcas... View
8/4/2002 gina Hello Doctor, It's great to have you and the stuf... View
8/6/2002 Cindy I am 45 and taking Ortho-Novum 1/50-28, not for b... View
8/9/2002 Mary My husband has high cholesterol and is on high do... View
8/15/2002 Pat How many grams of soy protein is the recommended i... View
8/16/2002 amy Dr. Tabor, I already enjoy and include soy product... View
8/26/2002 Gloria I had a kidney transplant and was on Prednisone fo... View
8/28/2002 denise I have read some warnings concerning taking soy ... View
8/29/2002 Yvonne I'm 44 years old, multiple fibroids, uterus the si... View
9/3/2002 Janice I started with soy protein about 3 weeks ago and i... View
9/8/2002 JOANNE I have tried some soy this and that and find that... View
9/17/2002 Lupe Can people with diabetes drink the Revival product... View
9/20/2002 Sandra My question is whether it is possible if the amoun... View
9/24/2002 Diane Hi, I am on Climara o.1. Just started them 5 da... View
9/24/2002 Cheri I was wondering if you had any ideas on my test re... View
9/24/2002 Monica I'm experiencing menopause system's and the bigge... View
9/28/2002 Rita I am considered a high risk for breast cancer and ... View
10/10/2002 april I am 54, postmenopausal and can`t take estrogen.I ... View
10/16/2002 Eva I am 58 years old, and have been eating less and e... View
10/25/2002 Michele I have read the transcript of an interview w/ Dr. ... View
10/26/2002 christine Iwas doing good until i skipped my first period. ... View
10/30/2002 Sandra Can I be allergic to soy? Is that common? I have ... View
10/31/2002 Jan What is the e-mail address where we can request fr... View
11/1/2002 BARBARA Saw an artical for weight loss in Women's World ma... View
11/5/2002 Judi Will I decrease my chances of getting pregnant by ... View
11/5/2002 Paula I would like to know if soy can be used as a HRT r... View
11/6/2002 Debbie I was on your product exclusively for common peri ... View
11/10/2002 Hedda I have heard that soy is a natural source of test... View
12/2/2002 Kathy I have been taking soy revival for over a year now... View
12/6/2002 joan My husband had an elevated PSA reading in October... View
12/8/2002 charlotte I have hypothyroidism and am currently taking Syn... View
12/26/2002 peggy Hi, I have an elevated TSH I also eat a lot of s... View
12/29/2002 Tricia I am a 33yr old woman I have just had a total hyst... View
12/30/2002 Shari I understand why Revival with its whole bean soy p... View
1/11/2003 Charlotte I had used Revival Soy shakes daily until I read a... View
1/15/2003 susan all i have been told by differernt dr's is no soy... View
1/20/2003 Lorri Can your products be purchased in the Denver Co. ... View
2/2/2003 reynae What amount of revival soy should I take? Should... View
2/12/2003 VERNA Can I buy Revival soy in Canada.... View
2/14/2003 sodepressed Hello,I was reading up on the revival soy protein... View
2/18/2003 Kaye How many soy drinks are usually necessary each da... View
2/19/2003 Cathy Hello,Could u please tell me if the soy bean prod... View
2/24/2003 hilray I have gained alot of weight from quitting smoking... View
2/27/2003 Cathy Hi Dr Tabor,I have been on my revival now for 4 d... View
2/27/2003 Mary How does Soy affect the liver for someone who has... View
2/28/2003 Denise I have hypothroidism and have heard that soy nega... View
3/2/2003 Diane I am concerned about long term use of Black Cohosh... View
3/3/2003 alec I read the Power-Surge transcript from 2/20 hoping... View
3/7/2003 Judy Can I take revival along with HRT. I take Climara... View
3/10/2003 Maureen I have started using the product but am concerned... View
3/11/2003 chris I was told by an intern that if an older man inge... View
3/11/2003 Kathy Can Revival help with headaches, panic and anxiet... View
3/12/2003 Judy Will soy help reduce pain in scar tissue from rem... View
3/12/2003 Deborah How much soy is needed in a day to help with the ... View
3/16/2003 windy total hystorectomy at 39 and i am 43 now. have be... View
3/25/2003 Carol I have diverticulosis and have been told to avoid... View
3/30/2003 Jane I am 62 yrs. old and have had 3 bouts of divertic... View
4/2/2003 Ann Will Revival affect any medications. I currently ... View
4/3/2003 Tee Is going on a soy food diet good for weight loss ... View
4/24/2003 Charles Are soy food products detrimental to men's testas... View
4/29/2003 Letty I want to know more about Revival Soy and the the... View
4/30/2003 Debra Does one Revival Soy Shake or bar provide the rec... View
5/1/2003 Jenny Is the product available in Canada?... View
5/15/2003 Judith I'm 65 years old and have thinning hair. Is there... View
5/23/2003 lisa I can't find a straight answer anywhere.,... Is m... View
5/26/2003 Lisa Hello. I am 36 and have had bad PMS for years. ... View
5/28/2003 rich Will soy milk make my breasts grow?... View
6/4/2003 Isabelle I have tried to receive the Revival soy bars for ... View
6/6/2003 Lucia I am allergic to peanuts and soy products. I am ... View
6/16/2003 Dr. What is the exact amount of progesteron and estro... View
6/16/2003 Sandra I had a TAH/BSO back 2 1/2 yrs ago. I've been on ... View
6/22/2003 Nancy Dr. Tabor. What about zeno-estrogens? What about p... View
6/24/2003 Lisa Hi, I am unable to order Revival because I am in C... View
6/26/2003 Sandra I am currently taking synthroid and Prevacid. I a... View
6/27/2003 lorna Can you compare your Revival with Dr. Lessman's pr... View
6/27/2003 Carey I have been receiving benefits from soy protein; h... View
7/7/2003 Christine Doctors, Can't wait to get my order, one quick q... View
7/7/2003 linda I am told that a friend who was taking large doses... View
7/11/2003 Kathleen I receive health news letters and one of the rece... View
7/14/2003 Connie My last bone density test showed that my mild ost... View
7/23/2003 LINDA Hello Doctor,how are you? I just want to know how... View
7/25/2003 Audrey I have been using the 'ESTROGEN PATCHES' for many ... View
8/1/2003 Janet Hi ...I am so upset that I missed Dr. Aaron Tabor... View
8/5/2003 Lee I have been peri-menopausel for several years. E... View
8/6/2003 norma Why do you use artificial flavors in your soy shak... View
8/7/2003 JENEAN Will revival help me to lose weight? Is is safe to... View
8/8/2003 lottie Hello,I hope you can advise. Some months ago I sta... View
8/8/2003 Elizabeth I have been on ET for almost 20 years, recently h... View
8/12/2003 B Hi! I live in Singapore. Please tell me if there a... View
8/15/2003 Susan I am interested in ordering the soy shakes for my... View
8/19/2003 Sandy For 4 months now I have a burning on my tongue and... View
8/23/2003 Sandy Hi, Would like to try one bar instead of purchasin... View
8/25/2003 Marry Right now I suffer alot from vaginal dryness and a... View
8/27/2003 Catherine I am 37 and experience hair loss, irregular cycle... View
8/30/2003 Linda Does anyone know of a Revival distributer in or a... View
8/31/2003 sylvia I would like to know about the amount of sodium in... View
9/15/2003 Lourdes My dr. tells me that estrogen excites my brain ma... View
9/19/2003 peggy i went to the doctor and had a cervical spine xra... View
9/20/2003 Carolyn I have looked at your web site but have been unabl... View
9/21/2003 Tina Hi,i am 53 have lost half the bulk of my hair, it... View
9/30/2003 NANCY I recently found out I may be allergic to gluten.... View
9/30/2003 Meg To Dr. Tabor,My name is Meg and I attend Ursuline ... View
10/2/2003 Gail Due to the high content of sodium and carbs in th... View
10/3/2003 Holly 5/18/02 pulmonary embolism, due to estrogen. I was... View
10/9/2003 Donna Hello, Recently I had one episode of daytime sweat... View
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