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10/11/2001 Marla What is pregnenolone and can it be used with natur... View
10/11/2001 BarbaraL How important is it to keep an increased level of ... View
10/11/2001 Cara What tests do you require to determine doses of es... View
10/11/2001 Marilyn I started Estrace 10 days ago. I would like to go ... View
10/11/2001 janet Pete, what are the benefits of SERMS, selective es... View
10/11/2001 Archives How do bio-identical, plant-derived estrogens like... View
10/11/2001 Archives Pete, if Progesterone is the body's natural tranq... View
10/11/2001 Archives What is the advantage of sublingual versus hormone... View
10/11/2001 Archives Do you need more natural hormones than you would s... View
10/11/2001 Archives Should I expect to gain weight after menopause?... View
10/11/2001 Archives Is it true that women who take hormones age more s... View
10/11/2001 Archives Pete, how much *safer* are View
10/11/2001 Archives Pete, the latest studies that show that HRT isn't ... View
10/11/2001 Archives I have been on Estratest for 3 years and was told ... View
10/17/2001 Carol Pete, I have used Premarin and Provera in the past... View
10/24/2001 Payner I have been diagnosised with Panic Order in about ... View
10/30/2001 Anne I am aged 43 years and was told that I was menopau... View
11/5/2001 Menilla Hi, I've had insomnia for the past year. I starte... View
11/6/2001 Marie My most irritating symptom at this time is cramps.... View
11/6/2001 Sandy Hi Pete: Please let me know if I can order DHEA f... View
11/7/2001 Anne I want to use natural hormones but I get headaches... View
11/8/2001 Cindy My father who has osteoarthritis wants to try Oste... View
11/10/2001 Gail I am 52, on 1mg estradoil; 1mg medroxyproges. All... View
11/11/2001 Sherry I just sent you an e-mail and left some info out o... View
11/12/2001 beatriz Hi Pete, I live in South America and would like to... View
11/13/2001 Debbie My doctor has prescribed Vivelle 0.0375, and Prome... View
11/14/2001 Songfulone Dr. Hueseman,

I just saw my Primary Care Dr....

11/14/2001 Margot I am a breast cancer survivor, 47 years old, with ... View
11/15/2001 Molly Hi Pete, could you talk about progestin vs. proges... View
11/15/2001 Sharon Greetings Dr. Hueseman,

I have been taking Premp...

11/16/2001 Songfulone Dr. Hueseman, Since you have been so very helpful ... View
11/18/2001 Bonnie Topical Progesterone cream as eliminated all my sy... View
11/20/2001 Molly If you are still having periods, though irregularl... View
11/20/2001 my2cents4sure Age 47, menstruating regularly. Tests show low in ... View
11/21/2001 Debra Here are the results of my saliva tests 4 wks ago.... View
11/23/2001 Linda I am 48, having periods every other month, and exp... View
11/26/2001 Georgia I am 53 and just starting am still having periods,... View
11/27/2001 Kathy I am a 38 year old woman who was on the pill for 8... View
11/28/2001 Suzie In my previous question about being a DES daughter... View
11/30/2001 teri I am 42 yrs. I just was at the doctors. I was ther... View
12/1/2001 Debra I have currently stopped taking Vivelle (the patch... View
12/4/2001 Patte Dear Pete, I had a complete hysterectomy six years... View
12/5/2001 Susan Have you ever heard of anyone attributing vaginal... View
12/8/2001 Loretta Dear Pete, I wish to try a commercially available... View
12/9/2001 L I would like to know what is tri-est and where doe... View
12/9/2001 CindyC Do any of your clients report an improvement in li... View
12/11/2001 Susan I just started using Pro-gest cream and I have bro... View
12/18/2001 Minnie I went for years without a lot of problems with an... View
12/18/2001 Nancy Mr. Hueseman,

I have recently started using tra...

12/20/2001 Judy Hi Pete,
My quesion is: I am 48, slim and pet...
12/20/2001 Peg I read recently that in order for a woman's body t... View
12/20/2001 sandy Hi Mr. Hueseman, I am hoping you can tell me the b... View
12/20/2001 RAMONA My doctor prescribed the patch to use twice a week... View
12/20/2001 mary I just started taking Premarin 0.625 and Aygestin ... View
12/22/2001 carla Is Estradiol 1 mg equivalent to Premarin 0.9 mg.?... View
12/28/2001 Lana I had some bad side effects with Prometrium so I s... View
12/31/2001 Peggy Can a high dose of Effexor 450mg cause your anxity... View
12/31/2001 carla If I take 1 mg. of estradiol (Estrace) will this d... View
1/1/2002 Ethel Dear Pete, I am taking Premarin. Is it necessary t... View
1/2/2002 joanne Hi. I would like to put back (in my body) the most... View
1/3/2002 robird I have been having anxiety problems (menopause) wh... View
1/5/2002 Terri I have breast cancer and am on my 4th treatment of... View
1/6/2002 Donna Hi,
I have talked to you before. I have used s...
1/6/2002 Lauren Dear Pete,

I am using Tri-est 0.625mg BIDtransd...

1/7/2002 Cecille Four years on synthetic and natural progesterone p... View
1/8/2002 Eileen I took Healthy Woman soy supplement to help with h... View
1/9/2002 Bren 46, MWF, complete hysterectomy done Jan. 2001. Liv... View
1/12/2002 Ellen Hi,I have been taking PhytoB by Bezwecken and it i... View
1/14/2002 kAREN Experiencing severe body aches (like with the flu)... View
1/16/2002 K. Hi - I'm taking Estrace 0.5 mg. and natural proges... View
1/20/2002 MaryAnn I am 46 with heavy clotting and lght blood loss fo... View
1/20/2002 Lisa My hubby of 22 years has been unhappy and hurt by ... View
1/21/2002 lkwallace Help. I am losing it. I have taken Prempro and m... View
1/21/2002 Terri Dear Pete, I had a LAVH/BSO 3-1/2 weeks ago for fi... View
1/22/2002 Minnie Hi I am menopausal at 51 and have hot flashes nigh... View
1/22/2002 Wilder114 I have fibroids and having been taking Estrace for... View
1/24/2002 carla I have Rosacea, for which I was given a prescripti... View
1/25/2002 jennie I have been taking prometrium and estradiol for th... View
1/27/2002 Janet I've been taking premarin in various doses for abo... View
1/27/2002 Barb Hi Pete, Can you tell me how effective the clonidi... View
1/27/2002 Anne I am not sure what I need: it has been almost 1 ye... View
1/28/2002 Shari Pete, I have been on naturally compounded hormones... View
1/28/2002 Minnie I wrote to you before about natural hormones. You ... View
1/28/2002 Anne When you say that women age more slowly, etc. if t... View
1/29/2002 fran I have been on Zoloft for about 5 weeks now for te... View
1/30/2002 Lisa Pete, I am 37 years old with a long hx of endome... View
1/30/2002 Kim Do compounding pharmacists use organic herbs in bi... View
1/31/2002 Opal Hi Pete, I really enjoy your transcripts on power... View
2/2/2002 jtanezer I have some samples of the drug Lipitor that are a... View
2/3/2002 patrice Are progesterone creams gluten-free? Where do obta... View
2/5/2002 Marion Hello, I am about to start natural progesterone cr... View
2/5/2002 Julie I'm 44 & had a hysterectomy (uterus only) 24 years... View
2/15/2002 Joline I am 46 and using Femgest progesterone cream 1/4 t... View
2/16/2002 puggar I had a surgical procedure, so I went into menopau... View
2/18/2002 Joline Do you accept medicare insurance from Canada?... View
2/18/2002 mark My question concerns Paxil wich I've been placed o... View
2/19/2002 kathleen Hi,

My mother is 80 and has been taking Prem...

2/21/2002 sanddra I've been reading about all the different progeste... View
2/22/2002 sarah I am looking for a product to help my cold sore go... View
2/24/2002 Tammy Greetings. I am 29 and have been on the climara pa... View
2/25/2002 Oleva Do you have a product similar to Premarin Vaginal ... View
2/26/2002 Dee You seem incredibly knowledgeable about hormones, ... View
3/3/2002 Rose Dear Dr. Hueseman,

I had a complete hysterec...

3/6/2002 MAri I am 44-was hit by truck scar tissue in neck are... View
3/7/2002 jennifer I just had a baby and am back on the birth control... View
3/7/2002 Ann Hi,I have just started Tri-est 2.5 in capsule for... View
3/9/2002 Karen Would you please explain the safety of natural hor... View
3/12/2002 Kari Mr. Hueseman,I never see much about pregnenlone us... View
3/12/2002 Susan My doctor has recently prescribed Welchol to treat... View
3/14/2002 chris I'm 53, positive for lupus with anticardiolipid an... View
3/18/2002 Minnie I have consulted a coumpounding pharmacist in this... View
3/18/2002 Sharri Have been having very bad burning sensation on ski... View
3/20/2002 Minnie Yesterday I saw a gynocologist who precribed hormo... View
3/20/2002 Lorraine I'm 54 and have been on Prempro for 3 years. I hat... View
3/21/2002 canoepam I am 49, perimenopausal, & taking Orthotricyclen-2... View
3/21/2002 Sue I'm 47 and starting menopause I have been having p... View
3/22/2002 Jen Hi, I am going to the doctors on Monday morning to... View
3/22/2002 Rena Been on hormones since July, tried Prempro, Estrac... View
3/22/2002 Rebecca Is the Climara patch made from a form of soy?... View
3/22/2002 marco What is Xanax?... View
3/23/2002 Jacqui My husband is 56 years old. He's OK fit, he used t... View
3/23/2002 sunnie I have been taking estradiol / 1 mg in the a.m. an... View
3/25/2002 Barbara I am 47 yrs old, complete hysterectomy 5 mos. ago ... View
3/26/2002 Lauren At 40, I was menopausal. I've been on several HRT... View
3/26/2002 Diane My ob-gyn has recently prescribed a low-dose estro... View
3/26/2002 Teresa I am 43 with chronic h.a. and migraines for 4 year... View
3/27/2002 Meagan Dear Pete, I am presently taking Prometrium 200 mg... View
3/27/2002 Lisa Hi, Dr. Hueseman, I am 45,had a partial hysterecto... View
3/27/2002 Kathy I have been eating Revival for about six months, a... View
3/28/2002 Dorothy I am a happy satisfied LAVH/BSO on a wonder stretc... View
3/28/2002 Kris What is a Doctor of Pharmacy? What does a Doctor o... View
3/29/2002 Nancy I am 54 years old, have not had a period for over ... View
3/30/2002 Terri Dear Pete: I'm 54. In past 2 months my cholestero... View
3/31/2002 Joyce Hi, I am 57 and had a complete hyst. yrs. ago. I ... View
4/1/2002 DEBBIE Does hypothroidism cause brain fog about menopause... View
4/2/2002 Sunnie I have two questions,1)Is the progestrone in Bi-e... View
4/2/2002 Carol I seem to notice my hands and feet get extremely ... View
4/3/2002 PcolaLdy Could you please tell me if it is safe to use bori... View
4/5/2002 Cindy I am 50 years old and approaching menopause. Thro... View
4/5/2002 Denise I have just been diagnosed with uterine fibroids.... View
4/5/2002 Marie Pete, I read in one of your discussions that high... View
4/5/2002 Nancy I haven't seen my problem in any other questions s... View
4/7/2002 Nancy I am on Estratest and nothing else for servere ho... View
4/9/2002 Peggy I am a very active 64 year old female. My cholest... View
4/10/2002 Nancy There are so many progesterone creams out there -... View
4/11/2002 Kari Pete, does sublinguals stay in our system for a l... View
4/11/2002 Sara I have had high blood pressure the past few weeks ... View
4/12/2002 Mary Dear Pete,I had surg.meno.(ovar.intact)4 yrs ago.I... View
4/12/2002 Sherry Pete,Does tri-est contain any soy? I need a hormo... View
4/12/2002 Susan If still having regular periods varying flows, alo... View
4/12/2002 Joy Mr. Hueseman, I am 52 years old and my periods hav... View
4/13/2002 Lynn Hello, I would like to know if there is any proof,... View
4/13/2002 Freda I am tring to get pregnant again. I have a eight ... View
4/17/2002 JoAnn I am 43 years old and finally discovered that I've... View
4/17/2002 Elise I am 35 yrs old and had a total hyst. 2yrs ago. I... View
4/18/2002 Archives How does one decide what natural hormones 1 can us... View
4/18/2002 Archives Is there a relationship between progesterone level... View
4/18/2002 Archives Can progesterone convert to estrogen in the body?... View
4/18/2002 Archives How does one know whether to add testosterone, or ... View
4/18/2002 Archives How do you lower Testosterone levels? It shot up w... View
4/18/2002 Archives Pete, can you tell me what the cost is to make up ... View
4/18/2002 Archives Do naturally compounded hormones have the same sid... View
4/18/2002 Is there any relationship between psoriasis and pr... View
4/18/2002 Archives Has there been any indication that fibromyalgia ma... View
4/18/2002 Archives I have never used Testosterone, only Progesterone ... View
4/18/2002 Archives I had strokes, Dr. took me off hormones. what else... View
4/18/2002 Archives Is there something to help with feeling off balanc... View
4/18/2002 Archives I just spoke with you yesterday, and you have "twe... View
4/18/2002 Archives Is there any connection between taking Remifemin (... View
4/18/2002 Archives If my Testosterone shot up, AFTER I lowered the Pr... View
4/18/2002 Archives Are you familiar with the Vivelle patch and is thi... View
4/18/2002 Archives Could using Vivelle be as good as Estriol cream?... View
4/18/2002 Archives What would you suggest to keep psoriasis under con... View
4/18/2002 Archives Is there such a thing as using too much progestero... View
4/18/2002 Archives Would high Testosterone levels have anything to do... View
4/18/2002 Archives Is there a natural substitute for Synthroid? What ... View
4/18/2002 Debbie Hello, I am on Estraderm patches and I was wonderi... View
4/22/2002 Pat I work out with weights and use a supplement calle... View
4/22/2002 Helena Hi, I wonder if you could help me with choosing th... View
4/22/2002 Carrie I am 22yrs. and am in menopause due to Lupron inje... View
4/23/2002 Arleen Can I get progesterone cream from you? I have ask... View
4/24/2002 aurora I am taking 100 mg. Zoloft and just started a DHEA... View
4/24/2002 Sally I've taken premarin for 8 years a different docto... View
4/26/2002 MD Is there enough ephedra in Pe Min Kan Wan (TCM OT... View
4/27/2002 Mona I had a total hysterectomy in 2001. I have taken ... View
4/27/2002 Jennifer Hi, Could you please tell me if it is possible for... View
4/27/2002 dee I am currently taking a estradial gel that I am g... View
4/29/2002 Carol Dear Dr.: I am 53 and had a complete hysterectomy ... View
4/29/2002 Linda I have just began perimenopausal symptoms. Acne, m... View
4/29/2002 Char Does taking 50 mg. of DHEA daily effect a candida ... View
4/29/2002 Shannon How does a drug company let the public know that ... View
4/30/2002 Tracy For the past eight months I have times where I fe... View
5/1/2002 Terre Hi! I was put on premarin. I understand there are... View
5/1/2002 Merrie 50,veg.,on progesterone,blk cohosh + other supple... View
5/1/2002 Linda I'm on Tamoxifen 20 mg. after going through treatm... View
5/2/2002 Leslie How similar are hormones for replacement therapy f... View
5/3/2002 Beverly Estradiol Patch vs Oral-Does the positive choleste... View
5/6/2002 marie What is androcomplex, it's effects, warnings etc. ... View
5/7/2002 Jeff I was hoping you could identify a medication that ... View
5/7/2002 Linda I'm 49 and have been on natural hormone therapy s... View
5/9/2002 Barb I have been using Dienestrol vaginal cream for 25... View
5/10/2002 Brandi Is it safe to take stacker 2 while on 20mg celexa ... View
5/11/2002 Jordan Pete,I desperately need to know the form of ortho... View
5/13/2002 Sharon What is the difference between Prempro .625mg/2.5m... View
5/13/2002 Wendy I had a hyst, Feb 5,2002 +ovaries. I have been on ... View
5/13/2002 Mary Dear Pete,I have fairly severe mitral valve prolap... View
5/13/2002 Pam Can Estrace vaginal cream and Vagifem tablets caus... View
5/13/2002 Rebecca I switched from synthetic hormone therapy to natu... View
5/14/2002 Ann Hello, I have been on the combi-patch since Feb. ... View
5/17/2002 june I just am turning 50 and my doctor decided to tes... View
5/17/2002 James There's a new international study out that says th... View
5/17/2002 del Can alcohol be mixed with Keflex? I am taking it f... View
5/19/2002 Niokee I am 30 years old had a tah/bso. I have lost my se... View
5/19/2002 Susan I was told on this website that you have formulate... View
5/22/2002 madeline I am a healthy 51 year old. My doctor has had me o... View
5/23/2002 cindy I am approaching menopause and have started hot fl... View
5/23/2002 Laurel Age 49, hysterectomy at 39, uterus only, on premar... View
5/26/2002 Nancy Pete, I had a complete hysterectomy about 6 years ... View
5/27/2002 Hunter Can an estrace tablet be placed under the tongue t... View
5/27/2002 Holly I am currently living in Mexico and need to conve... View
5/28/2002 Donna I have just started taking Triest 0.625mg how is t... View
5/30/2002 Nancy My husband, 73, has osteoporosis. He's taking Fosa... View
5/30/2002 Jennifer I am very interested in applying to pharmacy scho... View
6/1/2002 Jennifer Can you please let me know about hormone pellets?... View
3/18/2003 Pauline Could you please tell me what is the best to take... View
3/19/2003 doreen i want to know if i can use progesterone cream, i... View
3/20/2003 Arlene I am 53, on Synthroid for Hypothyroidism, have Os... View
3/20/2003 Marlene I am now taking Fosamax the dosage is 35mg. I am... View
3/20/2003 connie I had complete hysterectomy in 1999. On .375mg o... View
3/20/2003 Gynger Dear Pete, I have been on hormones for approx. 18... View
3/21/2003 Pat I have been taking HRT for over ten years and am ... View
3/21/2003 Darien Pete,I have been in contact with you (from Englan... View
8/19/2003 Trish I am 53.5 years old and am still menstrating, alt... View
8/21/2003 virginia What are the side effects of medroxyprogesterone?... View
8/24/2003 Tammi I have been taking bi-est & progest from you for a... View
8/25/2003 kim Please, please help me! Five years ago I had an oo... View
8/27/2003 Terry How do I go about getting my hormone levels tested... View
8/27/2003 Michele At the advice of my doctor, I stopped taking 100mg... View
8/28/2003 Sue Concerned about the warning label on Arbonne Prog... View
8/29/2003 Jessica Hello, I had an appointment today. Just found out... View
9/1/2003 Anthony HI my girlfriend is now taken birth control for a... View
9/3/2003 Vinh I have a surgical menopause in Nov. 2001, begin .6... View
9/13/2003 Susan I have tried both conventional and natural hormone... View
9/15/2003 Diane I am 2 years post menopausal and suffered very li... View
9/15/2003 Shelley Progest-E v Prometrium -- I am trying to have a ba... View
9/16/2003 Lourdes Pete, Can you send a list of doctors in the Boston... View
9/16/2003 Debra I am taking 1mg. Estrace and also progesterone cre... View
9/16/2003 Adriane Hi, what the trade mark for aqueous estrogen? Wher... View
9/17/2003 a I've not had a period in over 4 months and I am sc... View
9/18/2003 Lourdes Pete, I tested my hormones about 4 months ago with... View
9/19/2003 Kerry Is it safe to take Tri-est after having blood clo... View
9/19/2003 Joan I am a 53 year old postmenopausal (5 years) woman ... View
9/19/2003 tina My NHRT (natural hormone therapy) prescription has... View
9/19/2003 Gina Pete, How does the testosterone sublingual come--... View
9/20/2003 Stella I have been taking Prempack-c conjugated oestrogen... View
9/20/2003 shirley I had a complete thyroidectomy 7 mos ago and have ... View
9/21/2003 Kim I have been reading Ann Louise Gittleman's Super N... View
9/21/2003 Marcia I am currently using most of Ann Gittelman's recom... View
9/22/2003 teri where can I buy the shampoo for the thinning of m... View
9/23/2003 Sandra I had a hysterectomy six years ago and still have... View
9/24/2003 didi hello... View
9/25/2003 Jenepher My sister is on Methadone treatment and they also... View
9/25/2003 Debbie I'm 51 now, and my periods have been at 6-9 mon... View
9/28/2003 Ema A member of my family has been taking wellbutrin f... View
9/30/2003 Angeline K 24 mtf not on hrt yet. Spouse and I trying to ... View
9/30/2003 Olivia I had a complete hysterectomy in 1999. I have bee... View
10/1/2003 Linda I started menopause at age 35. I was on HRT for m... View
10/1/2003 Brenda I am on furosemide, gemfigrozil and actonel. I h... View
10/3/2003 Cathy I am new to this site. Where do I begin to obtai... View
10/9/2003 Lili Dear Pete;my pharmacist suggests transitioning fr... View
10/9/2003 carolyn you gave me the name of dr despina dalton to see ... View
10/11/2003 Rob The only relief I've ever had from asthma and sin... View
10/11/2003 Patricia Good Morning,I am 54 years old, never have taken ... View
10/11/2003 carol HI: Is nortriptyline hcl 10 mg safe to take?? I ... View
10/13/2003 bonnie Last week I had a blood test for the following an... View
10/14/2003 Jane How can I get the natural bioidentical hormones I ... View
10/17/2003 Peggy What does the "forte" mean after some medications,... View
10/17/2003 Theresa Dear Pete, I am 42 and in perimenopause. My symp... View
10/20/2003 kez Hi I live in the UK and have been prescribed testo... View
10/20/2003 gayle Would like a listing of the vaginal estrogen crem... View
10/20/2003 Adrienne Dear Pete, I am 38 Yrs.old had a tubal last April.... View
10/21/2003 jenny i have been on my period for 3 weeks now but the... View
10/21/2003 Pam I am presently taking Estratest half strength. I ... View
10/22/2003 John I take lortab 10/500 4 x daily, also I take oxy ir... View
10/22/2003 Nancy My 23 year old 4 ft 9 73 pound daughter was thoug... View
10/27/2003 mexadie2 Dear Pete, I am sixty years old and my doctor has ... View
10/27/2003 Kathryn How can I get hold of oral micronized progesterone... View
10/27/2003 Ray Hello, My wife is having HRT. Her doctor has wri... View
10/28/2003 Jackie I found some pills and I was wondering if you cou... View
10/30/2003 Leanne Hi thereI live in Canada and have run out of Femg... View
10/31/2003 Cheryl Can you please give me some information on estrog... View
11/2/2003 Bobbi Can the prescription drug Augmentin be successful... View
11/3/2003 bonnie I used different types of vaginal estrogen to alle... View
11/6/2003 Dr. I am concerened about the inability to maintain an... View
11/6/2003 Gail I am in menopause x 1 year (52yo). A few months ag... View
11/9/2003 Karlie Hi, i am in desperate need of an answer, FAST. My ... View
11/11/2003 Robbie I have panic disorder and have been on xanax for 6... View
11/12/2003 Nora Dear Dr. Pete, I am 38 years old. I have not had a... View
11/13/2003 DeAnna Hi,I just came across this site and thought I wou... View
11/13/2003 Kim I am stilll searching for a physician that is KNOW... View
11/14/2003 Janis Dear Pete,I am a 47 year old female that has been... View
11/16/2003 Julie Can "pregnenolone" be taken in capsule form, and ... View
11/17/2003 Dianne Would like a list of physicians in Vancouver, Was... View
11/18/2003 Robert Hello i have just been prescribed Luvox (Fluvoxam... View
11/20/2003 carolyn I spoke to you recently and you gave me the name o... View
11/21/2003 Darlene What should i ask the doctor for a hormone cream... View
11/24/2003 shelly I am 40 years old, at age 32 I went through natur... View
11/26/2003 KLB I am 31 and have had moderate to severe acne sinc... View
11/27/2003 Monica