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3/6/2003 Alice What particular findings caused the abrupt halting... View
3/6/2003 Audrey I just started estradiol recently. Now I am having... View
3/7/2003 Sally I'm postmenopausal. Have not had a period in 2 yea... View
3/7/2003 Carolyn I have tried to avoid using hormone therapy - even... View
3/7/2003 Geraldine I have been on sublingual compounded hormones for ... View
3/10/2003 kathryn I have been using vivelle dot and prometrium sinc... View
3/11/2003 Helen Dr Schwartz, Could you please give a medical descr... View
3/11/2003 Sue Dear Doctor Erika, I always believed that usin... View
3/11/2003 Avis Why do I wake up every night on the hour with a ho... View
3/11/2003 laury I am a 45 year old mother of four investigating op... View
3/11/2003 Kathy I recently started having some anxiety issues. I ... View
3/11/2003 Cathy Last year, after 7 months with no period, my Docto... View
3/12/2003 Deborah Dear Dr. Erika, What causes insomnia during perime... View
3/14/2003 Cathy Dr. Erika: I am 2 years post HBSO. Still strugglin... View
3/15/2003 Vicki I had a hysterectomy 8 years ago I am 34 and was w... View
3/16/2003 valerie Dear Dr Erika - I'm perimenopausal (still fertile/... View
3/16/2003 tina I am wondering if i am going through menopause. My... View
3/16/2003 Ann I have been haing real bad panic attacts with heav... View
3/18/2003 Delanna I'm now going on 34 years in my early 30's I skipp... View
3/18/2003 Cathy Dear Dr., I sent a letter requesting advise about ... View
3/19/2003 Ann My doctor put me on Paxilcr for depression on Mar.... View
3/20/2003 Patsy Just want to know if what I am experiencing is nor... View
3/20/2003 Brenda I am 51 years old. Since November I have had a co... View
3/21/2003 Luanne I'm 53 - haven't had my period for 2 years - I'm n... View
3/21/2003 Heather I'm 48. A year ago, after four months without per... View
3/22/2003 Paula Dear Dr. Erika, I had a hysterectomy (ovaries & al... View
3/22/2003 Coty Dear Dr., I'm 49 yrs old & have been on Depro-Prov... View
3/24/2003 Judith Dear Dr Erika, In 2001 I signed a consent form for... View
3/25/2003 Sylvia Is it okay to take plant-based estrogen and proge... View
3/25/2003 Kandy Can a reduction in momoplasty cause the onset of ... View
3/26/2003 Deana I'm 29. I was diagnosed with endometriosis, pelv... View
3/26/2003 Diane I use Tri-Est 1Ml 1.25 2x a day, Testosterone 0.4... View
3/26/2003 barbarabc Hello Dr. Erika:I just turned 50 in January and co... View
3/27/2003 Kathy I had an x-ray(chest) that showed athrosclerotic c... View
3/28/2003 Linda I had a hysterectomy in 2000. I tried several hor... View
3/28/2003 Janelle If you have been through menopause what do you sug... View
3/29/2003 Susan24 Have you ever heard of having allergic reaction to... View
3/29/2003 Kimberly I am 48, perimenopausal, and have just been diagno... View
3/30/2003 Sandi I had my uterus and ovaries removed at age 36 and ... View
3/30/2003 spw What do I need to know about cryosurgery for cervi... View
3/30/2003 sheila I would like to know the best way to transition of... View
3/31/2003 Kathy I recently sent you a question re: athrosclerotic ... View
4/1/2003 Berna I am due to have a abdominal Hysterectomy soon an... View
4/1/2003 arleen i am writing for a friend who as part of her symp... View
4/3/2003 carol I have been on climera .1mg patch for three weeks ... View
4/3/2003 Nicki Dear Doctor,

As I grew older, I started to b...

4/3/2003 Sally Can you recommend a doc in Atlanta area? On Vivell... View
4/3/2003 Darlene I am 46 years old and have never been on birth co... View
4/3/2003 Nancy Dr. Erika: I recently began taking Cenestin & Prom... View
4/3/2003 Glady Dr. Erika, Help, I need to get exact info to tell ... View
4/4/2003 Avril Dear Erica,How do I get my husband to deal with t... View
4/4/2003 Marcia Erika: I am postmenopausal (age 60), have been on... View
4/5/2003 Robyn Hi I have been prescribed hormone replacement I a... View
4/5/2003 J.C. I am 48 yrs. old and have just passed 1 yr. annive... View
4/5/2003 out-of-whack Dr. Schwartz: I'm 49 years old and have perimenopa... View
4/6/2003 Lisa I am taking clomid 150 on day 5-9 of my cycle, I'm... View
4/6/2003 Laurie I am 49 yrs. old and am experiencing many symptoms... View
4/6/2003 Carol After hormone receptive breast cancer 1 1/2 years ... View
4/6/2003 Marianne Prior to prescribing HRT for a patient who is look... View
4/8/2003 Rena Dear Dr., Struggling with perimenopause, anxiety/p... View
4/8/2003 Diane I am soon to be 60 years old. I had a complete hys... View
4/8/2003 Kim Are there any health/quality of life benefits in u... View
4/8/2003 Heather Which of the following is true:
  • A. A...
4/8/2003 Heather I have a strong family history of osteoporosis. Wh... View
4/8/2003 Shelley Dr. Erika: I am 49 yrs old. Hysterectomy with ov... View
4/9/2003 Donna Nicholas Perricone says most of us don't have enou... View
4/10/2003 Marcy I'm 48, too many child bearing age surgery's and p... View
4/10/2003 Chandra Partial vaginal hysterectomy 1991 for fibroids. Be... View
4/10/2003 Lise I am 48 and have been on the estrodial patch .05 a... View
4/10/2003 c I had a hysterectomy and oophorectomy 3 years ago... View
4/10/2003 Asoka Dear Dr.Erika,Is there any natural remedy for leng... View
4/10/2003 Elia Dr. Erika, I have just encountered some stress in ... View
4/11/2003 Cheryl Hi Dr, I'm 48 in September and my FSH levels in No... View
4/11/2003 vickie I haven't had a period going on 3 months. Is that ... View
4/12/2003 pandres Two years ago I had a complete hysterectomy. Prior... View
4/12/2003 vickie Dr.Erika,

I am 43 years old. Can you please tel...

4/12/2003 barbara I would mlike to switch from the estrace pill lmg... View
4/12/2003 Barbara Hello Dr Erika! My name is Barb. I am presently ... View
4/13/2003 Debra Dear Dr, I am peri-menopausal, but have had very r... View
4/14/2003 Cindy Dr. Schwartz: I am 46,5'4", 135lbs and in good hea... View
4/15/2003 Pat When I had my ovaries removed in 1992, I was put o... View
4/16/2003 Queen Hi Dr. Erika,

I started having all the symptoms...

4/16/2003 Sue Hi,

I am 38 years old and had a complete hys...

4/16/2003 nuala I had surgical menopause at age 20. I am now almos... View
4/17/2003 ginny I am schedule for a total hysterectomy and am try... View
4/18/2003 Kathy Dear Dr. Erika: I had a hysterectomy 10 yrs ago bu... View
4/18/2003 Barbara I am feeling extremely tired - to the point that I... View
4/19/2003 Sharon Dr. Erika, I am 57 years old and having 20 to 30 H... View
4/21/2003 Ilario come devo fare per comprare un tipo di ormone femm... View
4/21/2003 christina Dr. Schwartz, I am currently on Ogen (.325mg) and ... View
4/21/2003 gladlady Dear Dr. Erika: I have always suffered from severe... View
4/22/2003 Brenda I am 52 years old and am entering menopause. (My l... View
4/23/2003 Cecily I am 45 years old. Period regular since college a... View
4/24/2003 Myra I am age 50, winding down on periods. I had 6 cyc... View
4/24/2003 Elizabeth I am 57 and I think I am in menopause. I am havin... View
4/25/2003 Lise Dr. Erika, Thank you so much for all your work!! I... View
4/25/2003 Lynn Your book suggests 5 - 7 mg/kg of body weight per ... View
4/25/2003 Marina I am a 49 year old women, partial hysteromency at ... View
4/27/2003 Sophronia I have been using Phyto Prolief a natural Balancin... View
4/28/2003 Donna I'm 53, still menstruating fairly regularly, and h... View
4/29/2003 wendy I had a total thyroidectomy due to thyroid cancer.... View
5/3/2003 Rhonda I stopped taking Prempro 1 year ago and I have bee... View
5/3/2003 Brian I feel I have a dilema on my hands. I am 35 yrs of... View
5/3/2003 vickie What exactly are the signs that proves you are goi... View
5/3/2003 dawn How do perimenopause and antidepressants work toge... View
5/3/2003 TINA Please tell me why some women get so depressed and... View
5/4/2003 Micki Dear Doctor,

Now that I am fifty and menopa...

5/4/2003 Terese I am 49 yrs and had a complete hyster 3 yrs ago.I ... View
5/5/2003 Berna I am very concerned about my fortcoming Hysterrect... View
5/6/2003 kathleen I am on 1.25 premarin 1x day and 5 mg of provera e... View
5/7/2003 Jodi Hi Dr. Erika,I know you recommend bi-estrogen, as... View
5/7/2003 Lynn I am 50;have been on Vivelle Dot .075 for 2 weeks ... View
5/8/2003 Brenda Dr. Erika,How long would it take to get a consult... View
5/8/2003 Carol I am tall thin 54. Started taking estradial and t... View
5/9/2003 Lynn This question arose from one of the posts of the ... View
5/10/2003 michele I have been bleeding non stop for over 2 months. ... View
5/10/2003 Cherie Dear Dr. Ericka:I had a total hysterectomy 10 yea... View
5/11/2003 Sally Dear Dr. ErikaI am 55 and haven't had a period in... View
5/12/2003 Laurie I had my last period over a year ago. I am takin... View
5/12/2003 Cindy I am 44 yrs old. I have had perimenopausal symtoms... View
5/13/2003 Cathy Dear Dr. Erika, Iam 54 years old and have not ha... View
5/13/2003 Robin I was taking Paxil 40mg. for about 1 year. I rec... View
5/13/2003 Sally I've always been afraid of using hormones of any k... View
5/14/2003 Carol How great to run across this site. Last year it s... View
5/16/2003 Katherine Hi Dr. Erika, I'm writing about my daughter. She ... View
5/17/2003 Dusty I'm 55, menopausal, started Combipatch.050/.025 ... View
5/17/2003 sharon I am having profuse sweating, head especially. I a... View
5/17/2003 Lynn I was given Vivelle Dot .05mg and Prometrium 200mg... View
5/18/2003 joeann I am 51 years old and have been having night swea... View
5/20/2003 Teri I am 51 and have not had a period in four years. ... View
5/20/2003 Leslie Blessings and Thank You Dr Erika. I am 45 with to... View
5/21/2003 Julie I am 48 years old and will be 49 in November. Las... View
5/22/2003 Aparna Dr.Erika, I am reading your book "The Hormone sol... View
5/22/2003 Debbie Dr. Erika: HELP!! I just turned 45 and have not h... View
5/23/2003 Karen Is 1/4-1/2t nat prog crm enuf to help with osteopo... View
5/23/2003 Mae Dear Dr. Erika, I am 54 and had my LMP in Januar... View
5/23/2003 Sharon I am so excited over this Soy Revival product. Ev... View
5/23/2003 Debbie I am experiencing (and have been off and on for t... View
5/25/2003 Milissa A docter put me on Celexa for depression. I'm 39, ... View
5/26/2003 Roni I have a large fibroid that is pressing on my blad... View
5/26/2003 JoAnne The higher the dose of estrogen, whether that be ... View
5/26/2003 Lisa Hi. I am 36 and have been having some problems t... View
5/27/2003 denise Hello, I'm 46 years old and have been on the pill ... View
5/28/2003 Joyce Dr. Erika, I had a total hysterectomy when I was ... View
5/28/2003 Kari Hi Dr. Erika, I am 51 and use 1 mg estradiol and 5... View
5/28/2003 liz I am 55 and taking HRT Prempac 0,625 and done for ... View
5/28/2003 penny Hi, I am a 45 yr old woman just about 26 in a coup... View
5/28/2003 E I am 55 years old and have just missed 2 periods.... View
5/29/2003 marlene I sent you a form which I filled out for your nat... View
5/30/2003 Chandra Hysterectomy 1991 uterus only, Premarin since the... View
5/30/2003 Debbie Dr. Schwartz,I have been experiencing menopause s... View
5/31/2003 gjiwani hi, Dr Erika. I am 26 years old but my breast siz... View
5/31/2003 Gloria I am aged 56, still perimenopausal and recently di... View
6/1/2003 Betsy I'm 50 and been on HRT for 3 years and bc pills si... View
6/1/2003 Susan I am 53 years old and in the beginning of menopau... View
6/1/2003 Beth My mother, who is 69 years old, is still having ho... View
6/2/2003 Julia I am in menopause, hot flashes and was having occa... View
6/3/2003 Barbara I have been taking estrace, estratest, and prometr... View
6/3/2003 Lise Dr. Erika,

I am going to have my doctor change m...

6/4/2003 Chris My last was 4 yrs. ago. I started drinking Reviva... View
6/4/2003 Maria I'm getting rather frustrated with the hot flushes... View
6/5/2003 Jan I am having severe hot flashes and bloating. I am ... View
6/5/2003 Susan I had a partial hysterectomy still have my right... View
6/5/2003 Maxine I have been on natural estrodiol cream and oral pr... View
6/5/2003 Donna I am 53 and four years post-menopausal. I have bee... View
6/5/2003 Christine Dear Dr. Erica,I am starting to wean myself off Pr... View
6/5/2003 bellac Is prometrium natural? I have read that it is the ... View
6/6/2003 Joanne I just read through the archive - may have missed ... View
6/6/2003 georgia I have heard for years that women should do kiegel... View
6/6/2003 Rosemary I am 48 years old.My periods last sometimes 3 wee... View
6/7/2003 Sandi I am 37 and have had severe labial pain for 5+ yea... View
6/7/2003 Linda I am 51 and I am so frustrated with how i feel, n... View
6/7/2003 Cathy Dear Dr. Erika,I had a total hysterectomy in 1999.... View
6/7/2003 Sandra I had some perimenopausal symptons and did not re... View
6/7/2003 Craig My wife started menopause about 3 years ago (she i... View
6/8/2003 Carol I am 60 years old. I stopped HRT one year ago. 18... View
6/8/2003 Linda I want to begin using natural progesterone cream (... View
6/8/2003 Chris Dr. Erika,I've used Pro-gest for about three year... View
6/8/2003 margaret Dr. Erika, I think that I am pre-menopause and I ... View
6/9/2003 diane I am 56, experiencing migraine headaches and GERD... View
6/10/2003 monica I would like to know if I have Myomatoses can i st... View
6/10/2003 Jacqui Dear Dr Scwartz

I am 52 years old, post menopau...

6/10/2003 Fran Had a partial hysterectomy 10yrs ago, no hormones... View
6/11/2003 sue I feel like my skin is crawling. I'm always itchy... View
6/11/2003 jacqueline I am 59 and post M.I had taken HRT for 6 yrs then ... View
6/12/2003 Terri I am 47, hot flashes for over a year, tried birth... View
6/12/2003 ellen I am a 52 year old woman who experiences "power su... View
6/13/2003 sydne I take 1/4" of Estrace cream externally on the va... View
6/14/2003 Jennifer I underwent hysterectomy/bilateral oopherectomy a... View
6/14/2003 Joanne Can you please explain the significance of the FS... View
6/14/2003 Susan I'm 52 and on cenestin (.625) and prometrium. I'... View
6/16/2003 Beth Hi,I have been period free for over 2 years now, a... View
6/16/2003 Tracy Dear Dr. Erika,I am 48 and have been using natura... View
6/17/2003 Dianna I am 33yrs old,i had a total hysterectomy about 7... View
6/17/2003 Bonnie I am 60 years old and was on Premarin for 16 years... View
6/17/2003 Tessamia56 Hi Dr.I am 47yrs old and 9 mo post hysterectomy. ... View
6/17/2003 B. I have read all of your interviews and would love ... View
6/17/2003 Ellyn Hi Dr. Erika, I am 55 years young, but since goin... View
6/18/2003 Karen Dear Dr. Erika, I had terrible anxiety last March ... View
6/18/2003 Vicki I have had a period that lasted about 2 weeks in ... View
6/18/2003 cathyannee I told the M.D. I wanted to go off of this because... View
6/18/2003 june Do you have any suggestion for women who have los... View
6/19/2003 GG Hello Dr. Erika,

I understand why NHRT (natural ...

6/19/2003 Pamela Dear Dr. Erika

I am 51 and had a partial hyster...

6/20/2003 Linda I do have a hormone imbalance. My dr has had me on... View
6/20/2003 Jean Hi, I am 51 and have started skipping my period. ... View
6/23/2003 Robin Hi Dr. Erika, I am 50 years old, went off low dose... View
6/23/2003 Betty Please help me. Tell me will monthly periods cont... View
6/23/2003 Stephanie I am having an endometrial biopsy (again) on Mond... View
6/24/2003 PAT I am waiting for my forms to do the free consultat... View
6/25/2003 Barbara I want to know what I can do to have a healthy ute... View
6/26/2003 Beverly I currently take compounded bi-estrogen capsules ... View
6/26/2003 Tina Hi, I am 52 and have not had a peroid for two year... View
6/26/2003 Carolyn Help! Last July 10th I stopped HRT abruptly with c... View
6/26/2003 Marcia Hi!! I am 45 and "started" menopause at 40. I just... View
6/27/2003 Marie I have had hot flashes, weight gain night sweats,... View
6/28/2003 Susan 49 yrs. Female. Gained 10-12 in past year. No men... View
6/28/2003 Vicki I have not had a period for 18 mos. and the docto... View
6/29/2003 baylea Dr. Erika,I have been taking Vivelledot (0.375) f... View
7/1/2003 marie i have not had a period for ten months. i though... View
7/2/2003 Yvonne Dr. Erika, I had a total hysterectomy in May 1999 ... View
7/3/2003 georgette Hi I am a natural bodybuilder and am having the s... View
7/3/2003 Christine Dr. Erika I have asked for your advice before, I ... View
7/3/2003 Geri I started my period on June 1st. Then I started a... View
7/3/2003 ANN I read your book, The Hormone Solution, brought it... View
7/3/2003 PAT What hormone causes mucus? I know that everyone s... View
7/3/2003 Bev I am 57 years old. I am post menopausal. I was ... View
7/6/2003 Holly I am 54 yrs old and stopped having periods 2 yrs. ... View
7/7/2003 Lucy I was on progesterone for 10 yrs. Estrotest for 5... View
7/8/2003 Donna I have been suffering from hot flashes and night s... View
7/9/2003 Bea Thank you so much for this forum! Question: if our... View
7/9/2003 gloria I am 52 years old, not in menopause as of yet but ... View
7/9/2003 debra I am 44 and have started bleeding totally diffrent... View
7/10/2003 Brianna I had chemotherapy for breast cancer 2 years ago a... View
7/10/2003 Lynn Dear Dr. Erika: I read View
7/10/2003 Kay I am a 52 yr. old female. Had a saliva test done ... View
7/11/2003 Julie I am 35, but was "diagnosed" at age 19 with "prema... View
7/11/2003 Peggy I have had a recent diagnosis of Chronic Lymphocyt... View
7/12/2003 Ev What are the pros and cons of testing hormone leve... View
7/12/2003 julia I am 47 years old and had a total hysterectomy in ... View
7/14/2003 Ann I had this feeling of electric shocksensation and... View
7/15/2003 Minna I am 49, have been in a depression for over 6 mont... View
7/17/2003 Larissa Dr Erika, I had chemo (lymphoma) 2 years ago and m... View
7/17/2003 Janelle I have been suffering with such severe foot cramp... View
7/17/2003 susan Hi, im using natural progesterone cream, 80 mg. p... View
7/18/2003 Celeste Hi Dr.I have had your consultation and have recei... View
7/21/2003 Kim I am 41 and stopped taking "the pill" about 6 mont... View
7/21/2003 Kathleen Is it safe to take Prometrium, a natural progeste... View
7/21/2003 gill for about a month now i have been suffering with ... View
7/21/2003 Nancy I am 50 yrs old and have been having hot flashes f... View
7/22/2003 Ellen My worst symptom is irregular heartbeat (diagnosed... View
7/22/2003 Michelle I am 32 years old & had a baby 13 months ago. I ... View
7/23/2003 Priscilla I am 52 yrs old; used to take Vivelle dot & prome... View
7/23/2003 Donna I am getting conflicting recommendations regardin... View
7/23/2003 pat I am on my 2nd week of your program and am spottin... View
7/23/2003 Rosemary i'm 50 years old and started taking Loestrin 1/20... View
7/24/2003 carol I have been taking premarin >.625 for 19 years. ... View
7/24/2003 Penny I am an extremely healthy, active, 50 year old wo... View
7/24/2003 Celeste Hi Dr., I took your advice and used a full tube t... View
7/25/2003 Audrey I have been using the 'ESTROGEN PATCHES' for many ... View
7/28/2003 carol I have had a few hot flashe which caused me to bla... View
7/29/2003 Lynne Dr. Schwartz, I am 36 and have been "reading up" o... View
7/29/2003 sheri i am currently going thru menopause. what can i ... View
7/29/2003 Janet I have a "lump" under my right rib cage that I c... View
7/30/2003 Pat I am 48 and have had a Hysterectomy and one of my ... View
7/30/2003 Lori I am 45, any where from 2 days before my period or... View
7/30/2003 correen I am female age 58. I have a saline implant in my... View
7/30/2003 mary I just decided to stop my estrogen replacement th... View
7/31/2003 Pat As you suggested, I began last nite increasing my ... View
7/31/2003 Ann Dear Dr. Schwartz,I have a dear friend who was re... View
8/1/2003 Celeste Dr. Erika, I have been using the full tube twice a... View
8/2/2003 Ina I am in periomenopause and sometimes during the m... View
8/3/2003 Kathy Dear Dr. Erika,I have been on naturally compounde... View
8/3/2003 Karen I am 51 and scheduled for a hysterectomy in 6 week... View
8/4/2003 andrea I have been taking natural hormones for the last ... View
8/5/2003 Bev I have been on the .75 patch for several years and... View
8/5/2003 Georgina Iam 63 yr old woman. Diagnosed with Vaginal Atrop... View
8/5/2003 Elsa Hi Erika, My daughter was on your regimen of natur... View
8/6/2003 kbrwn Dr. Erika,What is your experience with compoundin... View
8/7/2003 Charlotte I'm taking 150 mg capsules of oral progesterone ni... View
8/7/2003 Shirley On April 10, 2003 after 7 years of HRT, I stopped ... View
8/8/2003 Dee I have had a hysterectomy back in the 70's. I sti... View
8/8/2003 Zoe Hi,I have a question about who would be the best d... View
8/8/2003 Linda I am 53 and was on Prempro for about 5 years. My f... View
8/9/2003 Debbie I'm a 48 year old woman, had a total hysterectomy ... View
8/10/2003 Celeste Hi Dr., Thank you so much for your help. I am cur... View
8/11/2003 Lisa I am 43 and having perimenapause symptoms, bad mo... View
8/13/2003 Sam I get depressed the first half of my cycle and am... View
8/13/2003 Denise Dr. Schwartz: I have had a very thorough physical ... View
8/13/2003 Bev I am 50 and have had a partial hysterectomy. Still... View
8/13/2003 alta I'm 61 and still sexually interested. Have TERRIBL... View
8/13/2003 gina Hi,I'm 42. I've had night sweats on and off for s... View
8/14/2003 Catherine For the past 3years I have been experiencing mild ... View
8/14/2003 Pat The other nite following our conversation I increa... View
8/14/2003 Ann Hi. My question concerns menopause. It started ap... View
8/14/2003 RosaLee I have been on estrogen since my hysterectomy at a... View
8/14/2003 Celeste Hi Doctor,

I have been using the full tube of c...

8/16/2003 Lavonna Hi Doctor! Can you tell me what MIGHT be wrong wi... View
8/18/2003 Vashta Dear Dr. Erika, I am 45 years old, began menupaus... View
8/18/2003 barbie I am 40 years old. I havent had a period for 11 m... View
8/18/2003 Pati Dear Dr. Erika,

I am a marathon runner, 55 yrs ...

8/20/2003 Pat I feel like my own hormones are making this proces... View
8/20/2003 Melinda I am using compounded hrt cream. My doctor start... View
8/23/2003 Tiffanie Dr. Erika,

I am 32 yrs old I had a partial hyst...

8/24/2003 Jeanne I am 46 with 28 day cycles; I have never suffered ... View
8/25/2003 kim Dr. please help me! I am going crazy! I have becom... View
8/26/2003 Carolyn Dr. I spoke with you this morning and ordered from... View
8/26/2003 blrs What do you think of the supplement "Avlimil" that... View
8/28/2003 lynn I'm 47 and have been on Depo-Provera for about 8 y... View
8/28/2003 gilda Dear Dr, Erika, I turned 48 last August 22, 2003.... View
8/30/2003 patti I am 49 years old and in the last 6 to 8 months, I... View
8/31/2003 shirley I have been on the vivelle patch .1 mg for two yea... View
8/31/2003 kathy I'm 45 years old. For the past 4 mounths I've gain... View
9/13/2003 Susan I have tried both conventional and natural hormone... View
9/14/2003 susan I am 54 years old and have been having regular me... View
9/15/2003 myrre At the age of 51,each month I experience vaginal ... View
9/15/2003 Sharon I am 50 years old and had a complete hysterectomy... View
9/17/2003 Renee I'm going to be 38 and had my tubes tide 8 yrs ag... View
9/18/2003 Peter Hello,I read your book "From tired to terrific in... View
9/19/2003 Joan I am a 53 year old postmenopausal (5 years) woman ... View
9/21/2003 shanon I AM 33 YEARS OLD,HAD A HYSTERECTOMY 1 YEAR AGO,AN... View
9/21/2003 Debbie I have had severe cramping with my periods all my ... View
9/21/2003 dipat I am 57years old and have only stopped periods 3 ... View
9/22/2003 Celeste Hi Dr. Erika,I am currently using your hormone rep... View
9/24/2003 Lauren I read in a book by Dr. Simon that a testosterone... View
9/24/2003 jocelyn Dear Dr. ErikaI am 51 years old and have had a hys... View
9/24/2003 Sharonrose Dr. Erika,Thanks for your time. I have symptoms ... View
9/25/2003 SUNNY Can hormone replacement help me? I want to have ... View
9/26/2003 carol I am 40 years old and I have Factor V Leiden blood... View
9/28/2003 Lynnette Dear Dr. Erika, When you stop taking hormones, do... View
9/28/2003 Cathy Two days ago I read an article on the Web re: Lat... View
9/29/2003 marylinda what is a phantom period?... View
9/29/2003 Deanna Is there such a thing as taking too much of the p... View
9/29/2003 Kathryn I am 48 years old and had a hysterectomy in 1998(... View
9/29/2003 Nancy Dear Dr Erika, I am 50 years old now and I have my... View
9/30/2003 Angeline K 24 mtf not on hrt yet. Spouse and I trying to... View
9/30/2003 Deanna Is it OK to use natural progesterone cream along w... View
9/30/2003 Janice I am age 55. I had been on blue Prempro since age... View
10/1/2003 Celeste Hi Dr. Erika,I am currently using your perscriptio... View
10/1/2003 Patricia I've been in menopause for about 1 1/2 years. I'm... View
10/1/2003 marylinda I am 51yrs.old. My last 2 periods have been heavy... View
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10/2/2003 Lynda Why is the dosage on the Active Women's Multi 1 t... View
10/2/2003 darling From age 46 to 47 i had reg. but lie periods. I al... View
10/2/2003 darling From age 46 to 47 i had reg. but lie periods. I al... View
10/2/2003 darling From age 46 to 47 i had reg. but lie periods. I al... View
10/2/2003 darling My computer went crazy and sent my ques before i ... View
10/2/2003 lisa my boyfriend has a 15 year old daughter that has ... View
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