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3/18/2002 Hedda Is there a relationship betweem perimenopause and ... View
3/18/2002 carol Dear Doctor,I was taken off Premarin last May, had... View
3/18/2002 Gill I am 50 years old.Periods normal but sometimes lig... View
3/18/2002 Karin My doctor did the following tests: FSH = 44 and E... View
3/18/2002 KATHY I had a total hysterectomy 1/15/02. Now I have blo... View
3/18/2002 Sandra I have been on Premphase HRT for one month. I've ... View
3/18/2002 Carmela I have been taking Femhrt 1/5 for about 4 months. ... View
3/18/2002 RoseMary Dear doctor,

I have not had a period fo...

3/18/2002 mary I started my period the year I turned 11. I am no... View
3/18/2002 beth I'm 48, still menstruating every 30 days, no flash... View
3/18/2002 Cheryl Due to overall fatigue and rather severe mood swin... View
3/18/2002 Susan I am experiencing hair thinning. I have not taken ... View
3/18/2002 Jean I am 49 years old. Have been having heavy bleedi... View
3/18/2002 Nancy I would like your opinion on Evista as a treatmen... View
3/18/2002 kerri What is a disordered proliferative endometrium?... View
3/18/2002 Linda I am 49 and due to hot flashes my doctor prescribe... View
3/19/2002 Lorene I've been on prempro over 15 years since mid-fifti... View
3/19/2002 Estelle I have been taking Evista..I would like to take P... View
3/19/2002 barbara I'm 50. My periods seemed to have stopped in Feb. ... View
3/20/2002 Grace What is the best way to determine if I've started... View
3/21/2002 Pebble I am 42 and had a total hysterectomy at 26. I was... View
3/21/2002 Barbara I have Lupus, and a whole host of other illnesses.... View
3/21/2002 Patricia I am 39. For about a year I used my bc pills (trip... View
3/21/2002 Janet I am 52 and have been on HRT for 2 years (.625 mg ... View
3/21/2002 Chery There are times during the day & when I'm sleeping... View
3/21/2002 Lucy I'm 42, taken the pill, clomid, progesterone cream... View
3/21/2002 barbara I am 35, post-hysterectomy (complete) by 5 years, ... View
3/21/2002 barbara I am 35, post-hysterectomy (complete) by 5 years, ... View
3/21/2002 Valerie I'm 41, in perimenopause and having hot flashes. M... View
3/23/2002 Ingrid Hi there. I am aged 39 (just) and have really bein... View
3/25/2002 Barbie I am 49, and just in the last month have been hav... View
3/25/2002 Karen I am 45 and 3 years post menopause. Hot flashes a... View
3/26/2002 Mary I am experiencing severe palpitations. Could thi... View
3/27/2002 Meagan Doctor,I am presently taking Prometrium (200 mg d... View
3/27/2002 Bonnie I am 29 years old and have been experiencing hot ... View
3/27/2002 Christine Dr. Warner, Which type of hormone therapy "delive... View
3/28/2002 lola 1.what is the difference(besides the addition of t... View
3/28/2002 Ann Have you ever heard of Estratest making one of yo... View
3/31/2002 I'm 53 years old. I've gone through menopause. At... View
4/2/2002 Veronica I'm almost 48 with normal periods every 26-28 days... View
4/2/2002 Louise I am 44 years old. When I went to the doctor for ... View
4/2/2002 Kathy I am 35 years old. I have a lot of night sweats,... View
4/2/2002 Sandy I am 44 and I have not had a period for 2 months ... View
4/3/2002 PcolaLdy I am an 43 year old female and since late Decembe... View
4/3/2002 lynne I am 48 diagnosed as menopausal one year age. I ... View
4/3/2002 Suzanne I was reading a msg sent to you asking about Evis... View
4/4/2002 jkomanch I am a 43 year old woman I have just found out I a... View
4/5/2002 ellen Is the dexa machine that views the spine laterally... View
4/5/2002 beth Dear Doctor, I'm 47 and pretty sure I'm in perime... View
4/5/2002 Jeanette I am a 55 year old female. My menstruation stopped... View
4/8/2002 Carol Am 48-normal periods, began using prometrium for w... View
4/8/2002 Lisa I am a 43 year old with periods lasting 14 days a... View
4/8/2002 diane I am 55 years old and have multiple walunt sized ... View
4/8/2002 Christine I've been having intestinal cramping and also cram... View
4/9/2002 Debbie I have recently started taking Loestrin to regula... View
4/10/2002 missmissy my breasts were hurting for a few days. yesterday... View
4/10/2002 Sharon Could Vertigo be a sign of menopause? I have had ... View
4/11/2002 Mia I just turned 27 this pastFebruary, and have been... View
4/12/2002 Susan If I am having symptoms of perimenopause - fatigu... View
4/13/2002 Lillian Though now near menopause without period for 6 mon... View
4/13/2002 Debby I just came back from my gyn doctor for my annual ... View
4/13/2002 Leland I am 40 years old. About a year and a half ago, ... View
4/14/2002 Gail My gynecologist says that fat cells contain estro... View
4/14/2002 Rosemarie I have endometriosis, I was told that I need a hy... View
4/14/2002 Barb I am 46. My periods have always been very routine ... View
4/15/2002 Sherry I believe I am starting the change of life. Exper... View
4/17/2002 theresa I am 37 and am currently trying to get pregnant. I... View
4/18/2002 dianne The girls in our family have early menopause hist... View
4/19/2002 Robin I am 46 years old. I've had a hysterectomy with a... View
4/20/2002 heather I have tried several different HRT's over the last... View
4/20/2002 Barbara I am experiencing acute insomnia due to Menapause... View
4/22/2002 Barbara I am 54 years old, and according to my recent blo... View
4/24/2002 Nadine I had a hysterectomy premenapause, it's been two y... View
4/24/2002 Frogette I just had a complete hysterectomy with removal of... View
4/24/2002 Christine My question pertains to postmenopasal issues. I ... View
4/28/2002 Chrissy I am a 37 year old women taking 0.625mg of premari... View
4/29/2002 Lily Have you ever heard of burning in the mouth associ... View
4/29/2002 Linda I am 40 and a few months back started with some ac... View
4/30/2002 Pat I had one ovary removed due to a large cyst 2/1/02... View
4/30/2002 Debbie I have just read "Could it be perimenopause?" by S... View
4/30/2002 babbs I am 49 yrs old, no period for 1 1/2 years. The do... View
5/1/2002 Janis Hi, my mom is 43 and has been having mood swings a... View
5/2/2002 heather I am going through the menopause and during the la... View
5/3/2002 Cathie Hi.I'm in perimenopause for the last few years. Th... View
5/3/2002 cindy I started taking Activella two weeks ago.I have s... View
5/4/2002 Wendy While on Premphase 0.625mg since Jan.'02,I have no... View
5/5/2002 Sharon I'm 46 years old and have been living the low-carb... View
5/6/2002 Cynthia Doctor, I am 41 and have been on birth control pil... View
5/7/2002 Betsy I am in menopause.I have a nervous feeling, someti... View
5/7/2002 Dot Hello. I am almost 37 and lately I have been havin... View
5/7/2002 Patricia I cannot take HRT. I have been diagnosed with fib... View
5/8/2002 Liz I have been taking Activella for seven weeks. I'm... View
5/10/2002 Faith I am writing to inquire about heavy periods. I am... View
5/11/2002 Ellen I am on natural HRT. My saliva test showedEstradio... View
5/12/2002 jan I've been postmenopausal for 7 years. Stress start... View
5/12/2002 Joan75 My periods have been getting closer together for ... View
5/13/2002 Judy I am 51 years old. My cycle is eratic, but with a ... View
5/13/2002 Lynne I'm 40 yrs old and experiencing changes in my men... View
5/14/2002 Susan I am a 36 year old woman and I am experiencing so... View
5/15/2002 Shelley I have been told that Premphase is as good as a bi... View
5/15/2002 Robyn I have low estrogen (I am not perimenopausal - 29 ... View
5/17/2002 Fran Had a complete hysterectomy and thyroidectomy 8 y... View
5/17/2002 molly My daughter, who will be 48 in August, is having ... View
5/18/2002 Pam Dear Dr. Warner, I went to my Gyn Doctor yesterday... View
5/18/2002 beth Recently had tah/bso, age 4520 days ago. Hot flash... View
5/19/2002 Mattie I have been taking Remifemin for nine weeks. I al... View
5/19/2002 Dianne I'm 51 years old. Still getting my period, althou... View
5/20/2002 rina Dear Doctor, I'm 48 years old. Had a hysterectomy ... View
5/20/2002 Tonya Hi. I am 34 years old and have been experiencing p... View
5/20/2002 sally I am 48 years old. In the last 6 months I have v... View
5/21/2002 Gen Dear Doctor, I am 55 and have had no period for 14... View
5/21/2002 Mary I recently saw a doctor and he said I had fibrocys... View
5/22/2002 Nicole I had always been under the impression that the la... View
5/22/2002 Liz I'm 19 years old and I haven't had my period come ... View
5/22/2002 Nicole Does earlier than average menopause mean faster ag... View
5/24/2002 Vicky Does Estratest make you gain weight?... View
5/24/2002 wanda Can symptoms such as irregular periods and spottin... View
5/26/2002 Glynda Age 61. Menopause age 42. Premarin and Provara for... View
5/26/2002 T I would like to know if there is any benefit to us... View
5/27/2002 Beatriz Please tell what to eat. I have high potasium. It ... View
5/28/2002 Ellen I think the prescription you prescribed needs a ... View
5/28/2002 Val I have just turned 47 and also started my periods ... View
5/28/2002 karen I have been taking premerin since a complete hyst... View
5/29/2002 Linda My doctor tells me that birthcontrol pills are no... View
5/30/2002 Ginny I'm 42 years old and have noticed a significant ch... View
6/1/2002 Kristina I'm not sure if I nees to go to the Dr. or not. I... View
6/2/2002 Pam Have had ultrasound. Have benign polyp in uterus ... View
6/5/2002 Nancy I am 44 years old. I have been having a chronic in... View
6/5/2002 Tania Can using estrogen creams for vaginal dryness (Est... View
6/5/2002 keri I have a disordered proliferative endometrium wit... View
6/5/2002 Kathleen What percentage of women have vaginal dryness five... View
6/7/2002 michelle Hello Dr. About 2 years ago I was diagnosed with... View
6/10/2002 Terrina I under went surgical menopause and a hysterectomy... View
6/10/2002 leigh I fell and broke my ankle on may 5 my last period ... View
6/12/2002 Rachael I just turned 40 and would like to have a base-lin... View
6/13/2002 marn I have taken too much topical progesterone cream f... View
6/13/2002 Leah I had a hysterectomy March of 2001. Since then I ... View
6/14/2002 Jane I have experienced sudden substantial hair loss up... View
6/15/2002 colleen Is dry mouth associated with menapause or peri-men... View
6/15/2002 ellen The pharmacist told me to half what I was taki... View
6/16/2002 Barbara Hi. I'm a 48 year old female and on BC pills for t... View
6/18/2002 Julie I am 30 and had a hysterectomy 2 yrs. ago due to a... View
6/19/2002 Pamela Is it normal to have a sticking pain in the vagina... View
6/20/2002 M.K. I'm going on 36 and am experiencing many symptoms ... View
6/21/2002 netta Please can you tell if it is possible to begin hav... View
6/21/2002 Brenda Dear Dr. Warner, I have recently started using nat... View
6/21/2002 Nancy I am 49 yrs old -- have not had really any sympto... View
6/22/2002 Francine111 I am 53 and post menopausal. Have irregular heartb... View
6/22/2002 Christine I'm 47 years old and on birth control pills to avo... View
6/25/2002 marie Hello, Dr. Warner. Do you think a low level of tes... View
6/25/2002 Lynne I am 43, experiencing hot flashes, night sweats th... View
6/25/2002 Cesca Please describe the physical changes that take pla... View
6/28/2002 Lainie Hi. I'd like to know if dizziness/panic attacks / ... View
6/28/2002 lynda How do you know when you are postmenopasal?... View
6/30/2002 Connie I was postmenopausal at 33 due to premature menopa... View
7/1/2002 Kathy I recently was given zoloft for panic attacks....I... View
7/2/2002 Adrienne Do hot flashes speed up the metabolism and burn up... View
7/4/2002 beth I'm nearly 49, still menstruating regularly, no fl... View
7/5/2002 Kimberly What is a hysterosonogram and is it a painful proc... View
7/7/2002 Cesca Is there a way to counteract shrinking of the clit... View
7/8/2002 Linda Dear Dr. Warner,Had a complete hysterectomy at age... View
7/8/2002 Batchika My doctor has recommended Depo-Estradiol injection... View
7/9/2002 Winnie Dear Doctor Warner, I didn't have my period for f... View
7/9/2002 Julia I have had irregular periods since having a tuubal... View
7/9/2002 Sherry I am 45 and have been using natural progesterone ... View
7/9/2002 Joyce I am 67 and on prempro. I have been taking hrt fo... View
7/9/2002 Deb The news is saying not to take Premarin. I had a ... View
7/10/2002 Lolita I started going through menopause approimate 2year... View
7/10/2002 Dawn I was just told that my potasium level is at 5.1 ... View
7/11/2002 Joan I am 70 years old and was on l HRT for 11 years st... View
7/12/2002 Christine I would like to taper off prempro, since I was tak... View
7/12/2002 teresa after my last child in 96 i went thru chemo for 6 ... View
7/13/2002 Linda Hi. My hair has been thinning since my hysterectom... View
7/13/2002 Phyllis I would like to use your soy shakes for hot flash... View
7/14/2002 Bev I am 50 and am using a natural progesterone cream... View
7/15/2002 michelle My Pap test results showed abnormal cells that m... View
7/15/2002 Gretchen Dr. W, I am V. Wagner's assistant. One of our pat... View
7/17/2002 Barbara I'm 46, w/out period for over a year , on Estrate... View
7/17/2002 linda Had a complete hysterectomy and am on biest and na... View
7/17/2002 dee I have a 24 yr. old son who has been taking Wellb... View
7/18/2002 Rebecca I have been taking premarin and provera (medroxypr... View
7/18/2002 kelly Three years ago I had a miscarriage and was not g... View
7/18/2002 Teresa I had a condition called placenta previa/accredia ... View
7/20/2002 Naomi I am 38 years old, am trying desperately to get p... View
7/21/2002 sureja Dear Doctor, I have reduced flow during my periods... View
7/21/2002 Teresa I just found out that when my gyn did my hysterect... View
7/22/2002 Deborah What are the side effects of the natural HRT and p... View
7/23/2002 anonymous I have these little white bumps similar to the whi... View
7/23/2002 Jude I just stopped taking birth control pills 3 weeks ... View
7/23/2002 pat I have not had a period in a year and a half. Do y... View
7/24/2002 Pam I am 49 and menstrual cycle occurs every 24-28 day... View
7/25/2002 diana This is actually about my mother. She is 45 and h... View
7/25/2002 Peggy I am 46 years old and have had very regular perio... View
7/26/2002 Darlene Hello,I am a 56 year old female. I have already b... View
7/26/2002 Betty I have been bleeding every day (not heavy, just an... View
7/26/2002 Susanna Hi I was wondering i have heard that travel can ca... View
7/26/2002 Joy I've had 3 bladder infections in the last 6 month... View
7/26/2002 Cesca Please comment on the use of topical testosterone ... View
7/27/2002 Bonnie I have graves disease, am taking 1 10 mg methimazo... View
7/27/2002 aholland I am doing a protien urine test for my doctor. I h... View
7/28/2002 Lisa I just had a yearly exam and explained to the new... View
7/28/2002 Vallan I am 46 and beginning the first symptoms of menop... View
7/29/2002 Lisa I had a response from you on being on estratest f... View
7/29/2002 Susan I am 45. On birth control for 26 years. Blood indi... View
7/29/2002 Pam What exactly do you mean when you suggest the use ... View
7/30/2002 sondra I'm 57 y/o been on Premarin1.25 and Provera 10mg f... View
7/31/2002 Jackie What is good for hot flashes when you've had a sur... View
7/31/2002 dianne I recently had a pelvic ultrasound with showed ca... View
7/31/2002 Holly Is any tissue excised during a routine check-up at... View
8/1/2002 Bambi I'm 42 years old and have been on HRT for 2 years ... View
8/1/2002 Linda I have been taking four sublingual tabs of Phyto B... View
8/2/2002 Willie Can you be 27 and going through your menopause? I ... View
8/2/2002 Diane I had a complete hysterectomy when I was 22. I st... View
8/2/2002 shauna I have been having perimenopausal symptoms for at ... View
8/5/2002 Lynn Dear Dr. Warner, We were recently on vacation and ... View
8/6/2002 lesam I am 38, I am trying to concieve a child, I was h... View
8/6/2002 Carrie I am a week late on my period and I am sexually a... View
8/6/2002 Norma I am 50 yrs old. Had a complete hysterectomy 4 yr... View
8/6/2002 leigh Dear Doctor Warner, I was on Prempro for nearly fo... View
8/7/2002 ann I am 52 and had my last menstrual preiod six month... View
8/9/2002 lesia Some months my periods are right on time; others,... View
8/9/2002 Lynn Dr. Warner, I am on Tenormin for blood pressure (2... View
8/9/2002 Jason Hi, I have a problem in my left leg. I feel tingl... View
8/10/2002 val I have recently had a diag. lap & DNC for endometr... View
8/10/2002 Nancy Can you tell me the difference between using estro... View
8/10/2002 Helen I am 47 and breastfeeding a toddler. I am on the ... View
8/12/2002 jaz I'm 48 years old and my periods have been infreque... View
8/13/2002 D. Have tremors/shaking ever been associated with men... View
8/13/2002 Ruth I had my uterous removed in l976 and have been tak... View
8/15/2002 r. I'm having neck trouble. Have had emg that showed ... View
8/16/2002 Cyndi My mother-in-law is in her 70's. She has been on ... View
8/17/2002 Amanda Dr. Warner:I had a subtotal hysterectomy when I wa... View
8/18/2002 stephanie I am 40 yrs old. My symptoms are cold,hot, cold,ho... View
8/18/2002 lisa I haven,t had my period in a year, In May my docto... View
8/19/2002 Fran Good day! Have you found a connection between D.E.... View
8/23/2002 Susan Dr. Warner, is it safer using natural compounded h... View
8/23/2002 Linda I am 49 and just started taking birth control pil... View
8/26/2002 carla Two questions,(sending each separate as restricte... View
8/29/2002 Francine I'm a post-menopausal woman who is currently usin... View
8/29/2002 heyam I have disordered proliferative endometrium. Can I... View
8/29/2002 don I am a 54 yr old male in good health. When I bend ... View
8/30/2002 Diane I have severe acne just on the jaw line and down ... View
8/30/2002 What type of a doctor should a person see when the... View
8/31/2002 Pam I am 50 years old and recently my M.D. checked my ... View
9/1/2002 Glenda My gynocologist gave me Medroxypr AC 10 MG to use... View
9/1/2002 beth I am 42. The past year I have been regular, althou... View
9/1/2002 Stacey I stopped taking my HRT pills ten days ago after ... View
9/2/2002 Natalie I have been on Estratest H.S. and progesterone fo... View
9/2/2002 Judy I am a 52 year old woman who has not had a period... View
9/4/2002 cassidy I had a tubilization a year ago and have not had m... View
9/5/2002 Emmanuelle Hello,

I experience a body temperature drop two...

9/5/2002 eva2 Hi

My labia and clitoris are shrinking very muc...

9/5/2002 RHONDA Hi Doctor,

I am taking metoprol 100 mg twice a ...

9/5/2002 Rhonda Hi, I'm 48 years old. I haven't had a period for 2... View
9/6/2002 anu HI!! Recently I suffered from dull abdominal pain ... View
9/8/2002 cassidy I have taken medroxypro ac 10mg for 10 days and I ... View
9/8/2002 Joanne I am 62. Took Premarin since 1973, because of Hys... View
9/9/2002 Marilyn For the past 7 months my periods have been up to ... View
9/9/2002 Deborah Can being on your period alter a mammogram? I star... View
9/10/2002 irene My Dr has suggested I have injections to get me th... View
9/10/2002 Gail I am 52 and in menopause. For the past 4 yrs. I h... View
9/10/2002 jennifer I recently took medroxypr for 10 days. I was bleed... View
9/11/2002 Anu For past month I have been continuously suffering ... View
9/11/2002 ronee I am 35 yrs old. I was to start my period at the ... View
9/12/2002 Patricia Could you possibly tell me what my healthy weight... View
9/12/2002 Nadine I am 36 yrs old, for 2 years now I have had very l... View
9/12/2002 Tracey I have been bleeding since the 3rd of August, at t... View
9/12/2002 Bobbie I need to know if estratest causes weight gain and... View
9/13/2002 Shoshana My mother died of ovarian cancer at age 63; my fa... View
9/13/2002 PattiMeyerLee Dear Doctor Warner,

If my mood swings are relat...

9/14/2002 Patti Had been on Prempro since 4/99 until July 4, 2002.... View
9/16/2002 Illana I am forty years old. My periods are irregular, s... View
9/17/2002 paula At 42 years old, I began my trip through menopause... View
9/17/2002 April I'm going to a different OBGYN doctor on the 25th... View
9/18/2002 AnnDorsch I am 53 with hx of heavy bleeding 3yrs. ago, trea... View
9/18/2002 wendy I have 4 children and am 31 years old. I have neve... View
9/18/2002 Candace I am 55- Menopause at 52. Two Md's suggest hyste... View
9/18/2002 Pam FSH level is 8. Thyroid levels are normal range. ... View
9/18/2002 nancy I will be 50 in two months. I have not had a perio... View
9/19/2002 Bev Have been off the pill for almost a year and a 1/2... View
9/20/2002 Bobbi I discovered a lump in my left breast, which my D... View
9/21/2002 teresa Doctor,

I'm 39 and trying to conceive. My peri...

9/22/2002 annie Is it possible for a tampon to move so far inside ... View
9/24/2002 Cheri I was wondering if you had any ideas on my test re... View
9/24/2002 Terri I'm 45 and believe I am in perimenopause. I am s... View
9/26/2002 Linda I am so confused about shbg levels. Had a complet... View
9/28/2002 Lorrie Hello Dr. Warner,

I am post menopausal and nee...

9/28/2002 DeNae I am postmenapausal, started taking 60 mg Evista d... View
9/28/2002 marie I haven't had a period for 6 months. I am 53 year... View
9/30/2002 Sharon I am 51 and didn't have period for 6 months, now ... View
10/1/2002 Lindy I am 43 years old and have had peri menopause sym... View
10/1/2002 Sonia I am 53 years having been in menopause for 4 years... View
10/3/2002 Jane I am postmenopausal and my free testosterone test... View
10/6/2002 Diane My sister was on estrogen and she just died of ca... View
10/8/2002 lorra I am 21 years old and from the beginning of this y... View
10/8/2002 Margaret I am 43 years old and just been diagnosed as going... View
10/8/2002 Maree Are there estrogen enriched foods?... View
10/9/2002 Ashley I wasn't having a period so my gynocologist put me... View
10/9/2002 Lorraine I'm 47 and about to have a hysterectomy and my ov... View
10/9/2002 Kathryn I had a total hysterectomy at age 44 in June due t... View
10/11/2002 Kathryn I didn't mention in my earlier email that we have ... View
10/12/2002 Jane Recent blood tests revealed my free testosterone l... View
10/14/2002 marcella I'm 38 and am trying to have another child. I've b... View
10/14/2002 Candice My grandma is almost 80 years old has had shingle... View
10/15/2002 Melissa Hello doctor,

I am 44. I suspect I am going t...

10/15/2002 Trudy I get these electric shock sensations, followed b... View
10/15/2002 Robin Dear Doctor,

I believe I am in perimenopause an...

10/16/2002 Carol Almost 45yrs old with normal premenopause symptoms... View
10/16/2002 Eva I'm 58. For the last month I have been eating litt... View
10/17/2002 LInda Dear Dr. Warner

I am 47 and had a Endometrial A...

10/20/2002 Ruth I'm 50 & experiencing spotting & irregularity with... View
10/21/2002 gerrie My daughter had a baby in 2001. Since then she has... View
10/21/2002 I was wondering if you had any ideas on my test re... View
10/22/2002 linda I'm 50 and have a large soft lump in my vagina. Wh... View
10/25/2002 Candy Dr.,

Why would increasing serotonin prod. give m...

10/25/2002 cindy I'm only 42. I had a total hysterectomy because o... View
10/27/2002 Donna I am 56 and was on HRT for 15 years. I decided to... View
10/27/2002 Martha Dear Dr.

I'm 39 and my hair has been thinning...

10/29/2002 giselle Have a lump in the area below the vagianl opening... View
10/30/2002 Heidi I was in class today, and within a matter of secon... View
10/30/2002 christy I am 29 years old, and my hair on my head does not... View
10/31/2002 Kathy I am 49 and have been taking 1/2 of a .5 mg gynodi... View
11/1/2002 Susan Two weeks ago I had a total hysterectomy. The doct... View
11/3/2002 charlene I am 39 years old and I just had a historectomydu... View
11/6/2002 Dianne I am 62 and weaning myself off estrace & provera ... View
11/6/2002 Susan I am 45 and blood tests indicate I am menopausal.I... View
11/6/2002 cheryl My sister has occult blood in her stool and urine ... View
11/7/2002 joyce Dr. Warner. I am 46 years old, eratic periods, som... View
11/8/2002 Gloria Why does a high level of protein show up in a urin... View
11/9/2002 Ruth What can I expect with regards to sexuality after ... View
11/9/2002 Hi, I am going thru menopause due to having my ute... View
11/9/2002 Sara Is it possible to have a positive LH surge but not... View
11/11/2002 Angie I am 43 and have been having spells where my legs... View
11/12/2002 neat I have been on HRT for about six weeks now. After ... View
11/12/2002 RUTH What can I take in place of Premarin 0.625. I use... View
11/12/2002 Cesca In terms of use as a vaginal cream, is there any s... View
11/12/2002 Anne After quitting Estrace and Provera, I had terrible... View
11/13/2002 bkay Dr. Warner,I am 51 years old and in peri-menopaus... View
11/14/2002 Kathy I have been on naturally compounded HRT for 7 yrs.... View
11/16/2002 e I'm age 44 and have light bleeding continualy.... View
11/16/2002 Susan Have had hot flashes at night. They subsided some... View
11/16/2002 achate I am experiencing thinning hair related to menopau... View
11/17/2002 Cora I have not had real period (maybe twice some light... View
11/18/2002 Shelby I have been having periodic bouts of nausea and v... View
11/18/2002 Emma I have been suffering with hormonal imbalances sin... View
11/18/2002 TERESA I had my uterus and cervix taken out. Without a pe... View
11/19/2002 Mark Hello, I have a questions concerning a problem th... View
11/20/2002 Jill I'm 38 and have PCOS. I am breast-feeding a 3 yea... View
11/20/2002 Jennifer I recently started using 2mg/ml testosterone crea... View
11/20/2002 joann I am 28 and have recently been prescribed the drug... View
11/21/2002 Jane I just started using synthetic testosterone 2% cr... View
11/21/2002 karen 50 yrs old. No period for almost a year. Have had ... View
11/22/2002 Joanna I am 56 take synthroid, diovan hct, lipitor, premp... View
11/23/2002 Loreen I've been diagnosed & treated for 1-2 yrs for peri... View
11/26/2002 Valerie I just turned 50 and have been taking .625 Premari... View
11/26/2002 Madeleine I was scheduled for surgery this morning and my PT... View
11/29/2002 Sue Dear sir, I am 44 and just found out that I am goi... View
11/29/2002 Dani I want to change birth control methonds from Lunel... View
11/30/2002 Sheila I had a hysterectomy two months ago. Recently, I s... View
12/3/2002 Denise Will taking soy isoflavones in capsule form cause... View
12/4/2002 Liz I have felt a bloating sensation in my lower abdom... View
12/6/2002 Angela I have been on the birth control pill Loestrin FE ... View
12/8/2002 Carmen Dear Doctor,I am 30 yeasrs old i had miss carraig... View
12/12/2002 EJB Dr. I have been on bi-est(1.25 and progesterone 5... View
12/12/2002 Carrie Doctor, I am 54 years of age and have had no per... View
12/16/2002 LadyinRed What's your opinion on the use of Bellergal for ho... View
12/20/2002 therese im 22 y/o and my problems is that my breasts are p... View
12/22/2002 Beth My mother, 95yrs, is having extreme hot flashes/n... View
12/23/2002 judy i am 38 years old. 3 years ago i was told i was ... View
12/27/2002 Judy Recently my doctor doubled my provera because I wa... View
12/28/2002 S.J. The nurse at my doctor's office says she saw some ... View
12/29/2002 marjorie How long does menopausase last? How long will I ha... View
12/30/2002 Anna I'm 38 years of age and currently undergoing numer... View
12/31/2002 sarika I had two abortions when I was 21 and 22. Now i am... View
12/31/2002 Carole What is the significants of FSH numbers? My FSH i... View
12/31/2002 Chris Dear Doctor: I thought I might be going through m... View
1/2/2003 Karen I recently had a saliva test done. The results wer... View
1/3/2003 Tracy I seem to having a problem with dry skin on and ar... View
1/6/2003 pesmith I am 45 yrs old, closer to 46. I believe I get wha... View
1/7/2003 Heather I'm 28, have adnomyosis, endometriosis,& POD. Need... View
1/9/2003 Nadia I recently had my prescription for natural compoun... View
1/11/2003 Alex Dear Dr Philip, I have my semen analysis test and ... View
1/12/2003 dawn I got my period when I was only 9. It has never be... View
1/13/2003 Priscilla I use Vivelle dot .0375 mg patch; I take 100 mg pr... View
1/14/2003 Teresa I was diagnosed with simple hyperplasia 6 mos. ago... View
1/15/2003 Mo I am 36 years old and have suffered PMS.Since abo... View
1/20/2003 Kathaleen Dear Dr., I started my period at 12 years of age. ... View
1/20/2003 Loretta I wish to try either View
1/21/2003 Linda Recently I had to stop my vivelle estrogen patch d... View
1/21/2003 Margie I am 46 years and 6 months old. Recently, my peri... View
1/24/2003 rose I had a complete hysterectomy in june. The only sy... View
1/26/2003 Carmina I'm currently 6 months pregnant & somehow i got ba... View
1/26/2003 Denise I am going to be 45 in March. I had a hysterectomy... View
1/27/2003 Brenda I am 39 and my fsh level was at 44. I am on femhrt... View
1/27/2003 Nancie I turn 32 next month. I am on Ortho-TriCylen 28-da... View
1/27/2003 Brittnie Dear Doctor, I am 18 years old. I lost my virginit... View
2/3/2003 Lavette Hi I am a 22 year old female who have been trying ... View
2/6/2003 Sheila I had a partial hysterectomy 2 years ago. I am now... View
2/6/2003 Kristian My periods are irregular. I'm 18 and they have bee... View
2/6/2003 Mary I need some background on bizarre menopause sympto... View
2/9/2003 Melissa I am 48, and 12 years ago I was diagnosed with Gr... View
2/10/2003 samantha I have had a tubial the tubes were burned also is ... View
2/10/2003 Jennifer I'm 20 years old, and for the past little while at... View
2/20/2003 Priscilla am 51 yrs old; using .0375mg vivelle dot & promet... View
2/21/2003 Terry I have been told that I have a low white blood co... View
2/22/2003 Deb I'm absolutely desperate. I've been dealing with ... View
2/22/2003 Karen I am 33 years old my Dr. has started me on a drug... View
2/27/2003 kttex I am 42 and have had mid-cylce spotting from day ... View
2/28/2003 Dorri Hi, I'm 39 & healthy. I've been taking thryroid m... View
2/28/2003 Carol I have a negative reaction to progesterone. I can... View
3/17/2003 pam Dr. Warner,I am 50 years old and menopausal just ... View
3/18/2003 Janet I had a total historectomy six years ago, 32 yrs.... View
3/18/2003 i have a heterogenous thickened enodmetrium 1.5 c... View
3/20/2003 misty I was a 21 year old distance runner in college an... View
3/21/2003 Yolanda I have been off bc pills since Oct 2001 and have ... View
3/22/2003 TCML Dear Dr. Warner,Hope you can help. I have been e... View
3/23/2003 Stuwardess I'm 51, missed 3 periods, then had a period. Have ... View
4/3/2003 David March 7th had symptoms seemed to lead to Protate ... View
4/4/2003 Renee Hello Dr. Warner I'm 37 yrs old and had my tubes ... View
4/7/2003 Nikki Hello,My doctor took me off of my horomone replac... View
4/10/2003 Marcy I'm 48, menapausal. Taking anti-depressants-very b... View
4/13/2003 Debbie I am 46. 2 years ago I started perimenopause, 1 yr... View
4/22/2003 lisa I had my tubes tied about 6 years ago after my 3r... View
5/2/2003 Linda Hi Dr. Warner, I am 43 and had a complete hysterec... View
5/6/2003 april I am 30 and have four children. My oldest is diagn... View
5/11/2003 Stacy I am 35 and had a sub-total hysterectomy about 2 y... View
7/5/2003 patti Hope you can help. Last night I woke up twice wi... View
7/5/2003 airthatibr I have a uterine fibroid (Dr. said the size of a ... View
7/6/2003 Holly I am 54 yrs old and stopped having periods 2 yrs.... View
7/8/2003 laura i have been menopausal for a while now. i haven't... View
7/8/2003 Donna I have had horrible hot flashes since 2000. I hav... View
7/18/2003 Stacey Dr.Warner,I recently had a miscarriage back in Apr... View
7/23/2003 penny I'm 47 had a hys 13 yrs ago am now on estratest hs... View
7/28/2003 Pam I am 36 years old and for the last 11 years I hav... View
7/31/2003 Pat I've been diagnosed (after a laproscopy) with "pel... View
7/31/2003 Pat I've been diagnosed (after a laproscopy) with "pel... View
8/3/2003 rhonda I am supposed to take MEDROXYPR AC 10MG ONE TAB OR... View
8/5/2003 sharon HELLO DR WARNER,I had a total hysteretomy at age 2... View
8/10/2003 Kim I am 34 years old and have dealt with facial hair... View
8/12/2003 Robin On 6/05 around 2:30 in the morning i was driving h... View
8/12/2003 felice I am 30 and i recently have been diagnosed with ea... View
8/13/2003 Michelle After breastfeeding twins I have had severely dry... View
8/15/2003 Shannon I am 24 yrs old and have adenomyosis. I have a po... View
8/18/2003 Kathy I have disordered proliferative endometrium. I am... View
9/14/2003 Melonie My doctor put me on Medroxypr ac (a sub for Prover... View
9/18/2003 S. I have recently stopped taking HRT (3-4 weeks). No... View
9/19/2003 Joan I am a 53 year old postmenopausal (5 years) woman ... View
9/25/2003 H I am 55, and postmenopausal.stoped having my peri... View
9/25/2003 SUNNY I am 49 years old this month. I have married a m... View
9/27/2003 Robin I am 27 years old I have not had a period in 5 mo... View
9/29/2003 Deanna Dear sir,I haven't had a normal period since Sept... View
9/30/2003 Tina i have been takeing medroxypr for one mon 1-5 day... View
10/1/2003 debbi Dear Dr. Warner,I'm 52+ yrs. old. In good health, ... View
10/1/2003 Deanna Have they decided now that black cohosh is not sa... View
10/6/2003 Paulette Dr. Warner,I am a 60 year old female, 5'3", 106 po... View
10/7/2003 ilalianicect HI, I AM 43 HAD A TUBIAL PREG 17 YEARS AGO AND THE... View
10/9/2003 connie Medicaid no longer covers my estratest.What are so... View
10/11/2003 susan I am 47 - 2-1/2 years ago was put on birth contro... View
10/12/2003 drlambrides Last year I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and... View
10/15/2003 Carol I have taken 1 estratest hs for 15 mos. For the p... View
10/18/2003 Shelley Dear Doctor, I am concerned becuase my Doc. has m... View
10/30/2003 Josie I was put on Prmetrium & Estratest HS. I am in Pe... View
11/16/2003 Jan I was wondering if naturalhormones help with fib... View
11/17/2003 Jenny I am almost 47 yrs old and experiencing sympotms ... View
11/18/2003 Sedara I am 55 years old and had a complete hysterectomy ... View
11/20/2003 Cheryl Hello: I have been experiencing painful intercours... View
11/21/2003 Linda Hello Dr. Warner,I am 46, with PCOS, and have been... View
11/22/2003 Darlene How do i ask my doc for the natural compounding o... View
11/23/2003 Janeen Hello Dr. Warner,I am a recent mother of a 5 mont... View
11/23/2003 Kathy Hi,I read that you are an expert with PCOS probs.M... View
11/26/2003 Vida Is it possible to increase ones fertility rate. I... View
12/7/2003 I have a 2 month old son. His ultrasound due date... View
12/9/2003 meg I know that u specialize in menopause, but I was ... View
12/12/2003 Kristie I have been on medroxypr 5 mg tabs now for fourt ... View
12/15/2003 Donna My son got bit in iraq he is still over seas. Wha... View
12/15/2003 Tanida I am 29 years old and I had my tubes tied 7 years... View
12/17/2003 Cindy Please advise me on if you believe I could be sta... View
12/18/2003 Alice I'm 47, after 8 months of missing period, it start... View
12/19/2003 penny my periods are usually normal heavey the first 2... View
12/23/2003 Missy hi, while having intercourse, i looked down, i fo... View
12/26/2003 Lizandra Please I want to know the secondary effects of Me... View
12/30/2003 buzz dear doctor, please advise me of the benefits of ... View
12/30/2003 Karen I am 40 years old and my periods have become very... View
12/30/2003 tina can you get pregnant after you have had a tubiliz... View
1/1/2004 Ilene Hello. Can you recommend an expert in fecal incon... View
1/2/2004 dellene my doctor put me on medroxypr and premarin togethe... View
1/5/2004 Angi Just wondering how healthy it is to be on the pil... View
1/5/2004 Karen I had my tubes tied 3 years ago and I was wonderi... View
1/5/2004 Kristina I am 30 yrs old. I get my period about every 15 ... View
1/9/2004 Stacey I have been taking my birth control pills for abo... View
1/12/2004 Mimi I am a 64 yr old female, and i had a hysterectomy... View
1/13/2004 KELLY what does it mean when too much protein is found ... View
1/13/2004 gwen i am taking birth control pill for the first mont... View
1/16/2004 MaryBella There is a women that I work with that was just di... View
1/16/2004 Crystal Have you ever heard of a woman still having month... View
1/17/2004 NJ Dear Sir or Madam,I am writing with a personal que... View
1/19/2004 Leroy I have a good friend who has not had a period in ... View
1/22/2004 Penny I'm 32 and have been diagnosed, after a laproscopy... View
1/24/2004 sonia I am 50 yrs. old, am on natural progesterone crem... View
1/27/2004 Christine I went into early Menopause (age 39) & was on HRT ... View
1/27/2004 Dee I am a healthy 49yr old that has been experiencin... View
1/28/2004 Gina I am 42 and began experiencing,,hotflashes,heavy ... View
1/28/2004 sue Doctor, i was on HRT for 3 yrs until recently (had... View
1/29/2004 Kim Hi,Six weeks ago I had a LEEP procedure done and ... View
1/30/2004 barbara HI, I am 36 years old and ever since I started my... View
2/1/2004 shawn I am wondering if it is possible for a women to g... View
2/2/2004 Anna My doctor told me that natural projesterone may i... View
2/2/2004 DINA I am 41 years old, 5ft 8in tall weighing 66kgs. ... View
2/4/2004 Susan Dear Dr. Warner, At my last GYN visit I was prono... View
2/5/2004 Kimly I have not had a period but three times between t... View
2/5/2004 Debra The doctor has me on estratest for low libido I m... View
2/9/2004 kamygps After a hystertomy 22 years ago I was put on HRT a... View
2/9/2004 D I'm 45 and sexually active.I use contraception(co... View
2/9/2004 Blair Hello, I am a 22 year old who has always been pre... View
2/11/2004 michelle My dad has been diagnosed as having high potassium... View
2/11/2004 karen I was on bith control in December. My last period... View
2/12/2004 autumn I am 19 years old and I have Polycystic Ovarian Sy... View
2/12/2004 Debbie I am a 46 1/2 year old female. I had a hysterecto... View
2/15/2004 Lee Dear Dr. Warner, My periods were every 3 months o... View
2/15/2004 kgillool I have had a blood test that reported high potass... View
2/15/2004 Michelle I am 38, have had Hashimoto's thyroiditis since I ... View
2/19/2004 Phyllis I am beside myself. I am almost 60, I went off of... View
2/19/2004 Tonny Is it ok and safe to take viagra while I'm on Xan... View
2/21/2004 DER My last period began on Dec 26. In the last year,m... View
2/23/2004 Donna Dr. I am 52 and still having pretty regular perio... View
2/24/2004 Kirby It is presumed I had an ovarian cyst and it ruptu... View
2/26/2004 Jan Dr. Warner, I was wondering what kind of protocol... View
2/26/2004 Amber I was taking a certain kind of birth control, but ... View
3/2/2004 Bridget Dear Doctor, I have PCOS and am trying to get preg... View
3/2/2004 Diane How far along in pregnancy should you be before ma... View
3/2/2004 harold What is medroxypr used for? My doctor has me... View
3/2/2004 Teresa Could you please tell me the purpose of having a ... View
3/3/2004 Corina I had a tubal 11 years ago.In December had to hav... View
3/3/2004 Karen I would like a 2nd opinion on a lab test. I am 40 ... View
3/4/2004 Colleen I used to take Premphase for years at .625/5 but j... View
3/5/2004 DonnaMarie I am a 46 year old woman that has had a partial hy... View
3/5/2004 lynn I was prescribed medroxypr for missed periods. I ... View
3/6/2004 Gina Dr Warner, I went to the Dr. I had a pap smear, ... View
3/7/2004 megan I had my last LMP on 1/3/04. I had a serum HCG d... View
3/7/2004 donna Dear Doctor Warner,I have a simple problem that k... View
3/9/2004 Lisa I am 39 years old and have recently started exper... View
3/10/2004 kathy Do you have any information on premenopause syndro... View
3/11/2004 Randy My wife had a vaginal hysterectomy in June, 2003.... View
3/12/2004 Stephanie MY mother was diagnosed with schizoprenia which i... View
3/13/2004 Kathleen What, besides diet, can cause changes in urination... View
3/13/2004 tris I understand from info throughout this site that ... View
3/13/2004 martha Hi, I am 46 years old and believe I am experi... View
3/15/2004 Kat I am 50 years old and due for my annual ob-gyn in... View
3/18/2004 Pat I'm going through menopause and am having trouble... View
3/19/2004 Janice I am a 41 year old woman who has been taking pred... View
3/20/2004 eva Hi Doctor. Last year I had a complete hysterectom... View
3/21/2004 Charmaine I am a 47 year old female my last period was about... View
3/22/2004 Ann I'm facing a D and C procedure and possible ablat... View
3/24/2004 Amanda I am 26, and have endometriosis. I have been on c... View
3/25/2004 Jan Dr. Warner,I am 42 years old. I had a tubal ligati... View
3/30/2004 Jan Dr. Warner, Are there any research studies that pr... View
3/31/2004 Sally Doctor, Can you please advise me? I am 52 years o... View
3/31/2004 Betty I'm 51 and have never been sick prior to three mon... View
4/1/2004 Megan I am 24 and wondering about endometriosis. 06/200... View
4/1/2004 Linda I'm 53 and had not had a period in 5 months and no... View
4/2/2004 andrea I was having lengthy periods (about 2 weeks) for ... View
4/5/2004 mia A friend is confused about her pap smear test, th... View
4/5/2004 Dottie Could a change in hormone cause nausea? If so, wh... View
4/6/2004 Rhoda I started taking medroxypr AC 10MG tab yesterday.... View
4/8/2004 Cash Is it possible for a woman to go through menapaus... View
4/8/2004 Hi, I had a TAH/BSO for entensive endometriosis &... View
4/8/2004 Lynne I feel I am in need of a gyn exam. The brownish va... View
4/9/2004 Bobbi I am a 26 yr old female and I have never been pre... View
4/10/2004 Venus I'm 21 and my menstrual cycle usually last for 6-7... View
4/12/2004 Sandy Dear Dr. Warner, I am 46 and have never missed a p... View
4/12/2004 Lori I am 48 years old in menopause for about 18 mos. H... View
4/13/2004 Martha I've been on low dose birth control pills for qui... View
4/15/2004 Becky Hi. I had an anterior and posterior repair to the... View
4/15/2004 j Could you explain perimenopause?... View
4/17/2004 Andrea I am 43 years old and menopause starts young in my... View
4/19/2004 Patricia I have started using natural progesterone cream a... View
4/19/2004 Judi I am 53 with decreasing menstrual flow. skipped ... View
4/21/2004 Vanessa I have vaginal agenesis which is form of MRKH Synd... View
4/22/2004 Patsy How important is it that a Endocrinologist be the... View
4/23/2004 sarah Is it at all possible for me to still have a baby ... View
4/23/2004 carrie I am 7 weeks pregnant with my fourth child and I ... View
4/24/2004 carrie Is it possible to have bleeding in early pregnanc... View
4/24/2004 anonymous I am a 32 year old female. I have 2 children ages... View
4/25/2004 Carrie I had blood work done on Friday to test my HCG le... View
4/25/2004 Judy I am 34 years old and was diagnosed with Crohn's d... View
4/26/2004 Tracy Hi, I have been on Estratest for about 3 months.... View
4/26/2004 Linda I am 53 years old and have had breast cancer four ... View
4/26/2004 Christine I have a problem. I am 65 years old an every time ... View
4/26/2004 Faye Dr. Warner, I am 34 years old and my Dr. thinks I... View
4/27/2004 Jill I started my period 10 days ago. Today I feel naus... View
4/27/2004 Pat Hi, Doctor. I just had surgery for endometriosis. ... View
4/28/2004 Lena Dear Doctor, I'm 29 and was diagnosed with inferti... View
4/28/2004 Christina I am a thirty-two year old woman and I have heard ... View
4/29/2004 Gina Dear Doctor Warner,I am 29 years old and recently ... View
4/30/2004 Peggy My husband and I plan to vacation in Jamaica this ... View
4/30/2004 Beth Approximately how long after the start of menopaus... View
5/1/2004 Raylene I have a question for you all in regards to hormon... View
5/2/2004 Raquel Dear Doctor,I was recently prescribed provera (m... View
5/3/2004 Gloria Hello doctor, I am wondering what kind of side aff... View
5/3/2004 Linda I feel like I am smooth sailing through menopause... View
5/3/2004 Zara My clitoris is really sore at a certain point, its... View
5/5/2004 nancy I developed blood clots following breast reductio... View
5/6/2004 Daniel My wife had to have an emergency C-section (full ... View
5/7/2004 Heather Dear Dr. Warner, I'm 47, no periods for a yr, irre... View
5/8/2004 mary Today is 5/08/04 and I had a D&C on 3/10/04. I we... View
5/10/2004 Catherine I am 46 years old, probably perimenopausal for ab... View
5/11/2004 Linda I have vaginal atrophy and have been using with ... View
5/14/2004 linda Just went on HRT for anxiety. 1mg of estradiol a... View
5/14/2004 Annie How do I find a Doctor who specializes in bioident... View
5/14/2004 carol I'm 41 years old I've lost interest in sex and ot... View
5/15/2004 Sudh I am 47and went through unusually large amount of ... View
5/15/2004 Camela I am suffering from tinnitus. I had taken Premari... View
5/19/2004 samantha I'm 26 years old just started depo a month ago af... View
5/20/2004 Marla With 4 immediate family members dyin... View
5/26/2004 pauline I'm 16 now and my first menstruation started when ... View
5/30/2004 Pam What are the natural Premarin, progesterone and t... View
5/30/2004 pam I am 49 years of age and have been on low doses o... View
5/31/2004 Jackson Doctor, my doctor gave me the drug medroxypr to s... View
5/31/2004 Valerie Since the onset of my menses at the age of thirtee... View
6/2/2004 Mary Hi. I am nearly 56 and my periods stopped 12 mont... View
6/4/2004 Linda I need an anatomy lesson. Just inside the vagina... View
6/5/2004 Cesca Dr. Warner, my gyn has scheduled me for an endomet... View
6/6/2004 Desiree I had a hysterectomy 8 years ago but kept the ovar... View
6/6/2004 peg I am 53 years old and am still on birth control. ... View
6/7/2004 Wheeler Can a vasectomy be reversed? ... View
6/7/2004 Joanie What are the chances of becoming pregnant after ha... View
6/9/2004 Ziva I had a Sub total hysterectomy and BSO in Februar... View
6/10/2004 Danielle What tests diagnose menopause as GP is useless bu... View
6/12/2004 Donna I am having very bad bleeding problems. I go throu... View
6/14/2004 Fahoma I am 55 and I am taking Prometrium and Provera. I... View
6/14/2004 Elizabeth I am 47. My doctor says not ready for for menopau... View
6/15/2004 Laura Dear Doctor, My regular MD just prescribed Medroxy... View
6/15/2004 Vivian I am 49 years old and had a complete hysterectomy ... View
6/16/2004 Mary I am 47 years old and recently went through iron ... View
6/16/2004 Cheryl I am a 47 year old female who has had 2 live birt... View
6/16/2004 Karla Dear Dr. Warner, I am 36 years old and had a comp... View
6/16/2004 Debbie Is there a relationship between total hysterectomy... View
6/17/2004 Donna I am a 24 year old female and after having three k... View
6/17/2004 Connie I am 52 and have been on birth control for about ... View
6/21/2004 Donna I am 53, no periods for 2 years, except for spotti... View
6/22/2004 Sandra I am starting to take estro-all but I am wanting... View
6/25/2004 Connie I have been on birth control pills for number of ... View
6/25/2004 Janie I am presently perimenopausal and have noticed my ... View
6/25/2004 Becky I am 47 years old. I still get my menstrual cycle ... View
6/26/2004 Linda Have you ever heard of this? I have vaginal atrop... View
6/26/2004 Tammy Hi. I am 52 years old and I had a partial hysterec... View
6/29/2004 Jessica My period started only when I turn 19. I heard tha... View
6/30/2004 Let At 39, I had a partial hysterectomy on 06/01. ... View
7/3/2004 Beth I am 42. I had Depo-Lupron injection to shrink mul... View
7/8/2004 Addie I had a hysterectomy in Oct '03 and was put on HRT... View
7/8/2004 Paula I have been taking Premphase for about one month. ... View
7/8/2004 connie I am 52 and just went off BC (birth control) pills... View
7/10/2004 Jessie Dear Dr. Warner,

I am 48 years old and have not...

7/12/2004 Molly I am 48 and have not had a period 8 months, but I ... View
7/13/2004 Cindy I have extremely heavy bleeding that is so heavy, ... View
7/13/2004 Elizabeth Hi. I am a 44 year old female who noticed spider ... View
7/14/2004 Tricia Can you get pregnant if you have not had a period ... View
7/14/2004 Neshia I have a question. Is there something called lena... View
7/17/2004 Jessica Hi doctor. I am a 21 year old and I had gone throu... View
7/17/2004 Kimberly I am taking Medroxyprogesterone ac 10mg. The docto... View
7/20/2004 Venus Hi, I wrote you a question on 4/10/04 telling you ... View
7/21/2004 Mindy I am 34, just had my 3rd baby Nov. 3rd. I've never... View
7/21/2004 Pamela Hi! I am taking Estroven for perimenopause symptom... View
7/24/2004 Erika I am a 31 year old who has irregular periods and d... View
7/24/2004 Terri Are nocturnal leg cramps related to menopause? Wh... View
7/27/2004 Karyn I am 48, underwent a hysterectomy at 39, and abou... View
7/27/2004 Mica I am 32 and I have disordered proliferative endome... View
8/1/2004 Cesca I am 54 years old, post-menopause (no period for ... View
8/4/2004 Linda I am using estriol vaginally for atrophy. I keep... View
8/5/2004 LINDA I am 30 years old, have 4 healthy children, had tu... View
8/6/2004 Ella My OBGYN just put me on Medroxypr. I had blood w... View
8/8/2004 marilyn is there a difference between medroxypr ac 2.5 an... View
8/9/2004 SUSAN I am 46 and have not had a period in 18 months. I... View
8/9/2004 Angie Is it possible to regain tight abs after having an... View
8/10/2004 Kat I am a 44-yr old female who has never been pregnan... View
8/12/2004 Cindy I am 52 years old and I haven't had a period for ... View
8/12/2004 anne Dear sir, I have had a laparoscopy/hysteroscopy/d&... View
8/12/2004 natalia I am 51 years old. I will be 52 in January. I ne... View
8/16/2004 Jessica I am a 31 year old and my doctor put me on prometr... View
8/17/2004 Shirley When taking medroxyprogest 10mg for 10 days, to fo... View
8/18/2004 Wendy Nothing is working for my menopausal symptoms anym... View
8/18/2004 Cathryn I am 15 weeks pregnant, should I have recieved a ... View
8/18/2004 malicia I have very irrugarler periods and im only 19. I a... View
8/20/2004 Becky Hello, I have burning and prickling on skin after ... View
8/23/2004 Cheri I had a full hysterectomy in 2000. I currently t... View
8/24/2004 Erin I am 49 years old. I have had two children. I a... View
8/25/2004 Joanna I just turned 46, I had our three healthy childre... View
8/25/2004 Jen Dear Doctor, I am 55 and have not had a period in ... View
8/29/2004 Vicky I just turned 30 and I have a 16month old. I have... View
8/29/2004 Dianne I am post menopausal and for the last year I have ... View
8/30/2004 Leila I am 28. I have IUD since Feb 2004. Ever since, h... View
8/30/2004 Dianne My doctor is wanting to start me on oral estrogen ... View
8/30/2004 Diane A year ago this August I felt my hormones shift bi... View
8/30/2004 Tammy Hi, my name is Tammy. I got a tubilization about 4... View
9/4/2004 Tracy Hi, Dr. Warner. I am 33 years old and had a part... View
9/6/2004 Eleri Why do my husband and I burn during intercourse?... View
9/6/2004 Dianne I have read Dr. John Lee's book View
9/6/2004 Misti I had a tubilization 5 years ago. Is it possible ... View
9/9/2004 L How old is a women before she enters menopause? ... View
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