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9/26/2001 Anon What can WE do to reduce the stigma of "mental ill... View
9/26/2001 anon The stigma that goes with this condition is terrib... View
9/26/2001 Barb Do you think that a person can completely recover ... View
9/26/2001 anon I read in your book that you overcame panic disord... View
9/26/2001 anon What is the origin of this disorder?... View
9/26/2001 anon I often wonder about agoraphobia in men. I think t... View
9/26/2001 anon How does one treat the Agoraphobic who is unable t... View
9/26/2001 anon I hear you provide online Panic/Anxiety Management... View
10/15/2001 Sylvia My symptoms are so much like a heart attack or st... View
10/16/2001 Nina I have been plaqued by anxiety symptoms for three ... View
10/17/2001 Carol Dear Bronwyn Fox,

I read your transcript an...

10/31/2001 Sue Recently I have experienced anxiety problems. I ... View
11/2/2001 Jacqui My son experienced panic attacks and anxiety after... View
11/9/2001 Lisa My "panic attacks" started recently with menopaus... View
11/24/2001 Peter For 5 years, since death of my mother, and menopau... View
12/28/2001 robird I have been experiencing many of the meno symptoms... View
1/6/2002 Jean I will be 50 in a month and my anxiety started out... View
1/6/2002 debra I'm not sure if I have anxiety/panic or not. My ma... View
1/20/2002 Lisa My hubby of 22 yrs. has beenunhappy & hurtby my te... View
2/2/2002 Kiley My Mother is 66 and has had a full hysterectomy. ... View
2/20/2002 cynda I have been told by doctors that I have panic atta... View
2/21/2002 Carol I have suffered from panic for many years\well 2 ... View
2/23/2002 Jen I know this will sound silly, but 4 months ago I h... View
3/12/2002 Ana For the past 5 years I had been feeling that I'm ... View
4/3/2002 Susan Hi, I am 53 years old and have been having panic, ... View
4/9/2002 Mary I've been experiencing what I believe are anxiety ... View
4/11/2002 Minnie I am 52 and menopausal. I have had a bad winter, (... View
4/16/2002 Dianne the age of 32 i had a full hyst, & have been... View
4/18/2002 rosario I suffered from PA 1993 & took meds (zoloft)it he... View
4/29/2002 Linda I am 40 and just began having some perimenopausal ... View
5/2/2002 Peter Bronwyn,

Read 'Panic Attack: don't panic' years ...

5/6/2002 Cynthia I am 41 and have had panic attacks intermittantly ... View
5/7/2002 I'm a 19 year old male and I suffer from social ph... View
5/14/2002 Wanda I am post-menopausal. I have a history of migrain... View
5/15/2002 frances I have always had different phobias in my life,but... View
5/24/2002 Helen Could you point me to any research being done on t... View
5/24/2002 I am 48 and was healthy until 9 mos. ago when I th... View
6/2/2002 morag I live on the north coast of nsw and was due to tr... View
6/11/2002 linda Hello.

I was wondering if my occasional episode...

6/13/2002 Leah Since going through menapause..I have had deja Vu... View
6/13/2002 highanxiety I am 42 and believe I am going thru peri menopaus... View
6/17/2002 Darlene I am forty years old and am experiencing perimenop... View
6/23/2002 LA I have had panic disorder/ agroraphobia for over ... View
6/24/2002 Terri Ms. Fox, My question is, sometimes while walking o... View
6/25/2002 shereen HiI suffered anxiety attacks after week ends of m... View
7/2/2002 Cathy I'm not sure if I can explain this right but when ... View
7/3/2002 PatF I have had anxiety/panic disorder for over 20 year... View
7/22/2002 Teresa I'm having alot of these episodes of shaking, feel... View
7/25/2002 tracy I have a boyfriend that I call compulsively becaus... View
7/27/2002 simona Dear Browyn,

I want to thank you. I read your b...

7/30/2002 jenny I have a 13yr. old daughter who has social phobia.... View
8/2/2002 Lynn Hi,

On our recent vacation I had what I think w...

8/4/2002 kristine I too am going through menopause, but I have thes... View
8/9/2002 Des I’m 28 years old. I had an anxiety attack in June ... View
8/14/2002 billie The onset of my panic attack corresponds with my p... View
8/19/2002 del I have been studying for the SAT for the past 5 we... View
8/19/2002 Jennifer I am 43 and my panic attacks are worsening and hap... View
8/25/2002 Could you please recommend a Cognitive Behavior Th... View
8/30/2002 Cathy I'll try to explain this feeling but its hard to d... View
9/4/2002 Marcia I've suffered with anxiety and weird symptoms all... View
9/12/2002 Terry I have been a wreck lately with nerves,anxiety, pa... View
9/13/2002 Shoshana Hi,

I live in Toronto, Ontario. Can you suggest...

9/13/2002 Patti Why do anxiety symtoms worsen during perimenopaus... View
9/13/2002 Marty I live in Gilbert Arizona and believe I need help ... View
9/23/2002 Janet Since going through menopause I have started to ex... View
9/26/2002 mary Do you feel this is the best treatment, cognitive ... View
9/27/2002 Deb How can I stop this feeling of being off-balance? ... View
9/29/2002 craig I have been taking sertraline for anxiety and stre... View
10/1/2002 Mary My doctor recently put me on Imipram for severe p... View
10/7/2002 Nikita Hi!

I have a friend who is afraid to stay alone...

10/13/2002 dave Hi there,

I've been diagnosed with PD and here'...

10/13/2002 Metal I've had terrible panic attacks during menopause. ... View
10/14/2002 Barb I am almost 47 And have not had a period in more t... View
10/25/2002 Sera I have been suffering from anxiety attacks for abo... View
10/29/2002 Amanda I seem to be having the some problems that you may... View
10/30/2002 Andrea I am wondering whether your book might be helpful ... View
10/31/2002 Bec Since first suffering from Panic attacks and sever... View
11/6/2002 maureen Please advise what tapes are available on this i... View
11/9/2002 I've had terrible panic attacks during menopause. ... View
11/9/2002 Dianne Hi I have been getting, quite often, the feeling... View
11/10/2002 Bonnie My husband has been told he has anxiety attacks at... View
11/19/2002 Sherrie Have you ever heard of anyone having spells of gas... View
11/21/2002 george I have uncontrolled panic attacts and wondered if ... View
11/25/2002 Justin Dear Bronwyn,I had my first panic attack about 12 ... View
12/2/2002 Joanna I've had occasional panic attack for the last few... View
12/28/2002 Anita I am peri menopausal and using HRT. The HRT helps... View
1/11/2003 Stefanie When I wake at night in the midst of what I assume... View
1/18/2003 Deborah I am afraid to drive in snowy and icy conditions. ... View
3/5/2003 Patti In the past 4 months I have been diagnosed with P... View
3/8/2003 Jean My anxiety is free floating caused by perimenapaus... View
3/13/2003 kathy i have panic attack's everyday throught feel... View
3/13/2003 Veronica Hello, thanks for your program, it has been very ... View
3/16/2003 Ann I am having a hard time with my attacks. My dr. st... View
3/18/2003 Kerri Hi, Which of your books is best for teaching me th... View
3/18/2003 rosalind I have suffered from agoraphobia for about 20 year... View
3/20/2003 Wanda I suffered from menopause induced panic attacks f... View
3/20/2003 reynae What can you do to get rid of pd?... View
3/21/2003 anon Do you have any tips for dealing with health anxie... View
3/26/2003 Diana I have a problem with catching my breath. I happe... View
3/27/2003 kath Dear Bronwyn, I have been reading your books and ... View
3/31/2003 Pamela I am taking Paxil for anxiety which has greatly in... View
4/1/2003 Berna How would I know if my symptoms = panic or fear a... View
4/16/2003 janice I have had panic attacks for years now,but why can... View
4/21/2003 Kelly March 31 I had a misscarriage, and I am raising a ... View
4/28/2003 Pam I am currently taking Yasmine birth control pills ... View
5/8/2003 Willie I have been told I have Anxiety and panic but st... View
5/14/2003 Tangle Ms. Fox, Help? I am on 16 mgs of Ativan a day, I... View
5/17/2003 Dusty Started treatment anxiety/depression in 1989 Used ... View
5/21/2003 Mary Hello....My question is about meds for help with p... View
5/21/2003 RJ I am having shaking spells every time I get someon... View
5/25/2003 Bridget Hello, I am a 48 year old female and I have suffer... View
5/31/2003 Frank Q. at 32 I feel off balance when I;m in stores ec... View
6/3/2003 jeanette My menstural cycle start coming on 3 time a month... View
6/3/2003 Mel Hi, For the last three weeks I have been on a roll... View
6/4/2003 Kathy 14 years ago I suffered from panic attacks and dep... View
6/8/2003 Carol Female age 57. 2 1/2 years ago I had: tingling in... View
6/12/2003 Sandra I am on clonapin for anxiety. Can I take over th... View
6/13/2003 Dazed Dear Bronwyn,

I just came across your area on ...

6/16/2003 adelle I have just had a baby and during pregnancy I expe... View
6/20/2003 Tricia Help! I just turned 50. My father recently died a... View
7/1/2003 jamieileana I am trying to find out if anyone has used or is u... View
7/10/2003 Romy Hi, I have a question about internal shaking. I on... View
7/13/2003 justin I worry just everyday about my health. I am really... View
7/18/2003 Helen I had my first PA 2+ years ago and was rushed to t... View
7/26/2003 Dove I am overjoyed to find this site, as I am in need ... View
7/26/2003 Shaista Hi, I came to know a few months ago that the sympt... View
7/31/2003 Laura I've had panic disorder for two years and I take L... View
8/14/2003 Ann I've had anxiety attacks for the past year. Recent... View
8/18/2003 Vashta My mother is a healthy 87 year old woman. My only... View
8/23/2003 Jeanne What is the relationship between anxiety and perim... View
9/4/2003 Cindy My Husband just doesn't understand my panic disord... View
9/4/2003 caroline am i loosing it feel lost have panic attacts and ... View
9/22/2003 Pauline After suffering with panic and anxiety for 15 year... View
9/25/2003 robin I just had my first panic attack labor day weekend... View
9/26/2003 Raj I feel scared with even telephone ring i had two ... View
10/5/2003 Marci My sister has been over reacting to situations la... View
10/5/2003 cindy Can menopause cause panic attacks and depression.... View