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developing a thumbprint or web presence which conveys the individual client's needs. samples have been provided for your review.

t h e  p o w e r  s u r g e  c o m m u n i t y

it all began with -- power surge. creating, building and maintaining the power surge "community" for women on america online and the web has provided a great deal of gratification. power surge has been the recipient of many major awards on the Internet, is included as an exemplary resource for women in numerous books on women's health, written up in newspaper and magazine articles and has gained the praise of leading physicians, authors, women's health advocates, but, most importantly, has provided an endless stream of information to midlife women everywhere via the Internet. power surge was made an aol partner in 2001, was featured in forbes magazine's 'best of the web' issue, listed as "one of the 25 best health sites for women" in health magazine, called "one of the first, best and most informative sites for women in menopause" by dr. susan love and many, many others. this has been a labor of love.

h e a l t h y  l i v i n g  a t
f r e e d o m  p r e s s  o n l i n e

healthy living at freedom press online -- is headed up by one of the country's most innovative and brilliant writers and consumer health advocates, david steinman, author of numerous books on natural healing remedies, healthy living's main purpose is to provide information you won't find anywhere else on the Internet. Archived articles by like-thinking physicians, nutritionists, naturopaths and recognized scientists from their monthly newsletter, "the doctors' prescription for healthy living," this site, the mind-set of its owner, that of providing ground-breaking, natural health news and spotlighting only products and companies meeting the highest standards for commitment to the principles of safe and healthy living.

a g e  s m a r t

age smart, providing the necessary information and nutritional tools to help people extend their healthy and maximum life span. A haven for those frustrated by and disgusted with mainstream medicine, its drugs and medical procedures. Fascinating information and natural healing remedies for better heart and bone health, maintaining brain power, memory, sexual prowess and everything people have been convinced they'd lose as they age.

t h e  h o r m o n e  o f  d e s i r e

the hormone of desire was developed to provide information about the research and work of dr. susan rako. her groundbreaking book, the hormone of desire: the truth about sexuality, menopause and testosterone." addendum: after completing the site, we didn't have the time to maintain it. someone took over the maintenance. the original design is fundamentally there, but images, text, links and colors have been added which have altered the symmetry and flow of the original design.

s i e g f r i e d  k r a,  m. d.

dr. siegfried kra's web site was created to promote the work of this Yale Professor / Cardiologist, and his book, "What Every Woman Must Know about Heart Disease - A No-Nonsense Approach to Diagnosing, Treating, and Preventing the #1 Killer of Women."

a u t o m a t e d  b u s i n e s s  m a c h i n e s

a functional and attractive site for a small business distributing document signing equipment, the abm corporation.

a c m e  r e f i n i n g  c o r p.

an early endeavor, the challenge of creating a web presence for the acme refining corp. was in presenting scrap metal and iron in an elegant manner.

b i l l y  g l e n n  a n d  s h e l l y  t a y l o r

it was utter joy developing this site for a friend, and one-half of the popular musical team of billy glenn and shelly taylor. . selecting the right music, watching shelly, an Internet neophyte, enthralled as the site developed made it even more fun. it always fascinates me when newcomers to the Internet see their names up in lights for the first time. the simplest page showing their work brings them great joy. shelly was thrilled with the final site and enjoyed it for the better part of a year. the bittersweetness came when shelly taylor passed away suddenly in march of 1998.

t h e   m i g h t y  p e n

carefully dotting every "i" and crossing each "t" was essential in creating the mighty pen for English Professor and Author, Douglas Mook.

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