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observe a child's fingers as he explores. . .

the mystical nuances of some magical seashell he's scooped from the velvety sand of some remote beach. Let yourself be that child. Explore the vastness and wonder of your own remote world - the mystery of the World Wide Web. Watch -- as you sit in awe of how seemingly simple things as images, color, sound, the right words and strategically placed hyperlinks demystify and peel away the many layers of you -- your products, your services, your accomplisments. Whatever it is you wish to impart to others in this fascinating medium.

the main point is to keep Web design fun. . .

while providing information, preserving integrity, but realizing your site is allowed to be attractive, too. So much out there is mundane and colorless. Your desire is for your clients, and future clients, to be enticed to return again and again to experience the individual style and charm of your presence on the Web - replete with imaginativeness, warmth, excitement, yet elegant simplicity, uncomplicated navigability and tremendous functionality.

as experienced professionals, as web design. . .

brings all this to your business or personal Web presence plus unique design, interactivity, intuition and Internet savvy all at the same time, resulting in a warm feeling by your visitors each time they return to explore your Web presence. AS WebDesign will provide you with a sleek, quick and easy to navigate Web presence, or refurbish one you currently have with up-to-the-minute HTML, JAVA, javascripting, custom graphics or your brochures/photos scanned, company or personal logos, animated images, Flash Shockwave, discussion forums, conference/chat rooms, scrolling, image mapping, CGI Scripting, E-mail, Pop mail, Mom mail?, and Real Audio embedded sound elements. Sound is becoming an alternate delivery mechanism for Web content and information, and is increasingly important to a richly satisfying Web experience.

once your Web site has been completed . . .

AS WebDesign will assist you in obtaining your own individualized domain name, secure a reliable server to host your site, upload your site's files via FTP to your server and set your site up on the Web for everyone to marvel. Your site will be registered with 350 search engines. Site maintenance is available on a monthly basis. The possibilities are limitless.

s a m p l e s