Aaron Tabor, M.D. is the Medical Director of Physcians Laboratories , a group of mainstream doctors trained at top institutes likes Johns Hopkins and Memorial Sloan-Kettering.

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Dr. Tabor is a graduate of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

Physicians Laboratories conducts human clinical studies using Revival Soy Protein at premeire medical institutes like Johns Hopkins Hospital. Studies include the effects of soy's isoflavones on breast, endometrial and prostate cancer.

Directed the team that developed Revival Doctor-formulated Soy Protein. A patent-pending manufacturing process allows a single small serving of Revival to naturally contain the same amount of plant estrogens found in a pound of tofu - and new flavor technology allowed them to eliminate the soy taste. Revival delivers the benefits of soy without the usual bulk or bad taste.

Dr. Tabor believes that patients have the right to learn about nutritional management therapies from their physician or other health care provider - not the college kid at the health food store.

Physicians Laboratories is dedicated to making soy an accepted mainstream nutritional option. Revival has quickly become the #1 Doctor-recommended soy protein.

Other physicians at Physicians Laboratories include Kenji Asakura, Food Technology Director; Chuck Pippitt, Women's Health Director; Frank Crowell, Research Director.

Dr. Tabor has appeared on numerous radio and television talk shows.

Dr. Tabor resides in Winston-Salem, NC near his family. Enjoys scuba diving, karate, and hiking.

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