Stuart Shipko, M.D. is a Psychiatrist and Neurologist who has treated over 2500 patients with panic disorder. His specialty is in the area of panic disorder and stress-related medical conditions, stress and trauma related disorders, psychiatric injury, psychosomatic medicine, general psychiatry. Dr.Shipko is associated with the Hospital of the Good Samaritan Neuroscience Institute. Dr. Shipko is also the Medical Director of PDI - The Panic Disorder Institute. PDI is an organization dedicated to the clinical care of patients, public education and ongoing research concerning all aspects of panic disorder. Information concerning many aspects of panic disorder is provided. This effort is supported by physicians in several different specialties, panic disorder specialists from all over the world, and especially from a highly educated group of "citizen scientists" who have helped to create a first class FAQ section and informational bulletin board.

Dr. Shipko has published original research relating panic disorder to abnormalities of bile flow that result in reflux based sinusitus and heartburn. Dr. Shipko has used this, and other research to formulate a more precise conceptualization of panic disorder and practical treatment approaches. He is the author of the new book, Surviving Panic Disorder: What You Need To Know

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