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Q: Dear Doctor Erika,
I always believed that using estrogen was not recommended when you have fibroids. Recently I read this in an article about fibroids, "Fibroids will almost always shrink after menopause, since estrogen levels drop naturally at that time. However, taking estrogen to treat symptoms of menopause does not usually cause increased growth of fibroids." I am confused. If fibroids shink after menopause when estrogen levels decrease, why would someone want to take estrogen if they have fibroids and aren't yet postmenopausal? Couldn't that cause them to increase? Carol

A: Dear Carol,

You are not the only one confused. It is not only estrogen that makes fibroids grow or shrink. It is the balance between estrogen and progesterone that makes them change sizes. After menopause when you have no hormones, fibroids shrink because their existence is hormone dependent. If you are taking the right combination of natural hormones you can make the fibroids shrink at any age.

Let me know if you need more help.

Best wishes,
Dr. Erika
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