Bronwyn Fox developed panic disorder/agoraphobia in 1980 and was housebound for over two years. She recovered using Mindfulness Meditation in 1985 and has been working in the area of Anxiety Disorders since. Bronwyn became involved in working with other people with anxiety disorders and co-founded Australia's Panic Anxiety Disorder Association (PADA) in 1987. Her workshops have been funded by the Health Commission's Rural and Remote Services since 1990 and enables PADA to provide much needed services in these areas. PADA has become the largest National organization for people with anxiety disorders. From small beginnings in South Australia, Bronwyn has helped form similar Associations in every state in Australia. While Bronwyn is no longer with PADA she still works closely in advocating for appropriate treatment services for people with anxiety disorders both at a State and Federal level. She has worked with General Practitioners, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Nursing staff, Community Health workers to increase their awareness and education on anxiety disorders. PADA received acknowledgement of her work when it won the Australian and New Zealand Mental Health Achievement Award for Non-Government Services for her Workshop.

Bronwyn also co-founded and was Deputy Chairpoerson for the Anxiety Disorders Foundation, which is run by consumers, psychiatrists and psychologists. Bronwyn's Panic Anxiety Management Workshop is in every capital city in Australia. Her Workshop has also been assessed by a leading anxiety disorder specialist and researcher, Associate Professor Julian Hafner, as being 85% effective for people who experience an Anxiety Disorder. Bronwyn is the author of She authored, Power Over Panic: Freedom From Panic/Anxiety Related Disorders. Visit Bronwyn's Web site, The Panic Anxiety Hub. IQ Option V České republice

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