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Q: I've had anxiety attacks for the past year. Recently I was diagnosed with vertigo. I also started menopause approximately 5 years ago which I continue to have the night sweats shaking rapid heart beat and hot flashes. I was on prempro during the first year of menopause but discontinued it due to excessive bleeding and weight gain. I am also on synthroid 0.05 per day could all these problems be related to menopause?

A: Hi Ann Marie,

Many women can develop panic / anxiety attacks during menopause. Some researchers do acknowledge a link, but as yet there is no research confirming this. I did see an article a few years ago that said it would take ten years to establish the link, so we may be waiting for a few more years for the results.

I am not able to give you any information in regards to vertigo. I haven't seen any research on this in regards to menopause. Next time you speak with your doctor, why not ask them about this?

You might want to look into the Power Surge message boards to see if other women have experienced similar situations during menopause.

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